Wednesday, January 31, 2007

+.::.+ hey! +.::.+

i've just done my TOEFL test today. i hope the result is some of it i bantai.

neway USU has disconnected their wireless. or so the rumour has it.

my histo lab yesterday was 3 hours straight and it was totally tiring.

tomorrow is another tutorial meeting. i had enuff wif the lecturer yang berat seblah. i hope he's better tomorrow and really listen to who and what we are saying.

u know when i'm writing in short sentences,i'm in cc. yeah. back to the cc. there's a new one.
kinda expensive kot. cz tadi fizan was here and he has to pay for 6thou. i dont know la how long he's been here.

em kinda wishing either one of my spactees sista would be on9. but well sape suro x bgtau derang kan?

well dins i miss u. jgn la kate gitu. u never mentioned u wanna meet me in ur fs wut? even lah kite ek. hah but cipoi. or the striked cipoi. heh. got some mentioned ryte? :p

raja came up with a new blaze theme yesterday,for february issue, that is "tak de idea issue".
yeah ryte. huhu. sumatif exam is on the 12th. then nak carik rumah. probably wif the jpa gurls(adek2ku yg chumil,ayu dan ape yek itu).

i need a wardrobe makeover. coz i totally bosan looking at it now. sian achik have to dgr my rants everyday. ape2jela. maybe skejap je kot buhsan neh. haha.

u remember bout the guy at usu? he's okay now. coz he's totally avoiding me. kewl. not that i'm glad or whatsoever. but at least he moved on. it's not that i'm so stucked up that i dont wana be frens wif him. tapi i'm totally not liking his jiwang mssgs. puke.

yesterday i'm actually in a bad mood. dunt know why. thanx to this particular fwen who somehow naekkan my spirit. sowry ganggu u in class. it's amazing how u noe something's wrong wif me even i didnt say so.

emm okayla actually got tuto work..slacker. haha. coming achik!

Monday, January 29, 2007

+.::.+ coop! +.::.+



ugh i'm bored to the max.

thankfully got the o.c cd.which da ulang for like..berape kali tah.

and blaze.which i ingtkan nk rest 4 few months..but when i went to d meeting yesterday..i got the support that i wanted. not that i cannot's just that i need some support..thx.

exam kinda truk. but da jadi lesson to me.

being away from msia is terrible enuff. being away from fwens is horrible enuff. ugh. sebbaek i got my alfredo las nyte.

sehat. yes alhamdullilah im okay now..n beginning to eat like a jenn now. kurus tiada lagi. x suke kurus sbb saket. bia feel good inside n outside.

ramai kakak dan abang2 kawan ku akan kawen skang neh. kakakku next yer kot. buleh ku pulang cuti. haha. i wish.

dats it. no idea. mish u keq!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

+.::.+ CNS block +.::.+

Okay so how am going to start this entry? Coz there’s so much to say.

The 1st half of the week has been challenging to me as I have to battle the flu that I had, and still,going to class from morning to late afternoon. Everyday from Monday till Wednesday, I had came home with a mind-wrecking,head-throbbing and body(and butt!) –aching. I took paracetamol,sleep and that’s basically how my day will end. ‘Cept if I woke up and had the energy(or the willpower.ahaxs) to revise back or prepare for the next day’s lesson.
On Thursday it’s still the same, but I told myself that I better not swallow any paracetamol anymore. I don’t want my body to depend so much to it. The result? I slept the whole night.
On Friday,well that’s today, I braced myself for the last day of the lecture days of the week. Yes, this week we had the Saturday off.

Next week will be another hustle-bustle week, I hope my health level will increase to normal…I can’t stand the suffering of my headache anymore. Next week we probably had to sit for TOEFL. If a person get 450 and above,they will be exempted from the class and will be taking another class. I wish for the best for me, whether had to sit for the class or be exempted from it.

My bahasa Indonesia class has started and we are learning about the history of it. When the time of before-colonial(?),at the time of it and after it. Well this is another class I hope will be easy.

Physiology on Thursday had been boring. Why? Because another lecture had entered the class and he teaches without continuity. So you just don’t seem to know the head and tail of the story. That is something that I have to carik more info this weekend…. My imagination has run wild during the class that I imagined the wall infront of me crashed and switchfoot appeared and sang ‘oh! Gravity’ for me the moment the lecturer said ‘gravity’! hehee..

Owkay what more can I say…I just have another 5 minutes then I have to prepare for class. I’m so glad this week is ending, I’ve learned sooo much about the central nervous system and hopefully the peripheral nervous system next week will be..urm..easier?
Hehee something for me to find out.

Owait class over..and guess what, I drank during pharmacology and the lecturer LOOKED at me. Really looked at me. Shoot. I forgot about the pharmacology lecturer’s rules. Heh.

Till then~ be healthy!

"If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you."
--- Winnie the Pooh

Sunday, January 14, 2007

+.::.+ california +.::.+

remember the o.c 's soundtrack..the unmistakable tune..." we come..."
well..i'm in the o.c. 'cept that it stands for 'the other country' not 'orange county'. heh.

i've just done registration for this new semester. believe me when i said, the registration is a hard and gruelling process. yes it did. i nearly fainted. not exxagerating.
recovering from my so-bad flu, achik said the glucose level in my blood had somehow depleted.

and everyone comments on how i became thinner. crazy! i am not getting any thinner. but..i think i had. due to the flu..kan?

neway this semester is all work-no play kinda thing. this 1st part of the block we will study all about the control system. the histology,anatomy,physiology and pharmacology of it. includes all the endocrine system and such. well i must get ready for a no-play month. which is hard. huhu.

i miss malaysia n the people i used to see and contacted. the food and the internet connection.
hehee. till then...

'love is when two people who care for each other get confused'

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

+.::.+ believe +.::.+

i cant believe i'm sick.

i cant believe i've to spend my last 3 daes in malaysia in bed.

i cant believe the amount of meds the doc gave me.

i cant believe it.

but believe it or not, sick or not, i'm going to shop today.

and believe it or not. it's zaki's buffday today...and i forgot to wish him this morning.

well happy birthday monkey!!! semoge kurang laa nakal anda...

jgn asek men game jeh..

this hols has its ups n downs for me but the 'ups' somehow does make up for the 'downs'

i'm glad that i've met each one of the spactees sisters

i'm glad i've met keQ n borak cam hape je

i'm glad i had 2 servings of macaroni n cheese

i'm glad that jpa's money masuk (meaning : less suffering)

i'm glad i'm going back with a new semangat..somehow i lost it when i finished exam last block. ain't just make the best of everything!!! =)

Good friends are like shooting stars....You don't always see them, but you know they are always there.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

+.::.+ lovely +.::.+

i had a very gud dae 2dae.
i smiled a lot 2dae.
i love every moment of it.
i just had a gud time.


owe by the way..abboy kamu sgt still d way u r...
ur sudden-cute-blurness!!! (i've forgotten that actually)
ur goofy laugh!!!
ur blunt advices!!!

oh how i mish u.
glad i met u. lame gile kite x jumpe.
hope u like d gift dear!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

+.::.+ omg! +.::.+


funny. i remember i had survived broken friendships, trust betrayal, and even murder attempt.

murder attempt. just kidding!

anyway. once i told myself, i'm gonna bounce back from anything. i dunt know why i forget that.
but now,pushing all d neggies-tots aside, (even one wif deleting this blog to avoid seeing how frustrated and sick-minded i was)..i'm seeing the other side. u know, opposite the dark side (forgive me but i've been star wars-demam lately,no thx to star movies)...

back to my ceria-self. xkesah ape org pk...i love myself n myself. haha.

actually thx to my spact8 sisters 4 cheering me up..n keQ as well!!

ps heppi belated aidiladha..belated new year...belated capex...belated beloved..belated azkeey...and belated tatty!!!! sowie!!!!!!! =(

"If you should die before me, ask if you could bring a friend." --- Stone Temple Pilots