Wednesday, March 30, 2011

this one goes out to DinieNajwa.

I may not be the perfect friend.
I may not be the comforting person you turn into.
I may not be the one to cheer up a person's day.
I may not be able to write sweet words to someone.
I may not be able to pick out the perfect gift for someone.
I may try, but often I did not succeed.

But for me, you guys, *you know who you are* are the opposites of these.

I often feel you guys were heaven-sent.

Especially today, this one goes to Dinie Najwa.
I know the rest of us will agree on this.

Simply read the words below & bear in mind this is what we ALWAYS think of u.

You are gorgeous.
dinie the next top model hehehe

You have a super sweet smile.
Pose vogue 

You are a high jumper!
efek pasir, amazing!

You are hug-able!
mau join group hug!!!

You are a friend indeed, whether in need or not.
terharu session :')

You have an amazing figure (heheheh!)
yes, you heard it right :)

Don't let others tell you differently.
So, for you, Dinie Najwa, Happy Birthday!
Love u lotssssss miss vogue!

ps//all the pics credit from her vast collection of photos in FB. awak, jgn marah yer hehehe :D 
slurpp.. ^^,

Monday, March 28, 2011

lagi lagi mengenai hati

suddenly the title is in malay.
why is that a bother? because when jennyto first start this blog, she promised to keep it in english.
so that her english wont deteriorate badly while her *ehem* temporary stay in Medan.
okay, WARNING this entry is lengthy.

but this entry in an unusual entry for this blog.
not only jenn don't usually blog in Malay
but jenn don't usually blog about PErAsaAn.

she hates to write about it.
but she think she needs to write it now.
sampai bila jenn nak mengelak?

jenn don't always blog about her feelings.
be it menyampah kat orang, jatuh cintan ngan orang, kecewa berguling guling.
no, she might hint about here and there when she cant stand it.
but NEVER the whole entry.

she likes to tell about her clinical stuff.
they make her excited to be a doctor.

but hey, meredith grey had issues right.

okay, enough introduction.

so this past month or, 2 months huh? time flies.
kebelakangan ini is more like it. kebelakangan ini terlalu banyak isu mengenai perasaan.

Perasaan #1 Cinta.
geli rasa nak taip perkataan cinta tuh.
tapi cinta tu wujud. bukan suka tapi cinta.
bukan main suka suka orang kacak di televisi. NO!
Love is easier to type. Maybe because love is usually used everywhere. Until the very meaning of it is lost.

I've observed to many wrong kinds of love these days, I just hope that everyone came to their senses and stop the love drama thingy.
Korang yakin ke tu cinta korang?
Kalau yakin, alhamdulillah, tie the knot.
Itu orang.

There were moments when her friends call the 'STCMO' mode.
She wish she find her own, her own man, but she knows there's still many things to achieve.
Even her studies pun x complete, jangan nak berangan nak bercinta.

I once read a great article from here.
 “tempat asal cinta ada satu je.” , kata dia.
Saya percaya jodoh itu misteri. Letaknya di tangan Allah, bukan manusia. Jangan biar manusia lain menetapkan definisi jodoh bagi kita.

I suggest you guys read the full article. it's worth the time, seriously.

Perasaan #2 Benci/Menyampah
Biasa lah kawan-kawan. Berlainan latar belakang.
Ada yang dilahirkan dalam keluarga yang sopan santun.
Ada yang dilahirkan dalam keluarga yang agak-agak ganas.

Memang Allah SWT dah ciptakan kita berbeza. 
Of course, korang akan cakap, kesabaran manusia tu ada limitnya.
But if you guys think, sampai bila la ko nak menyampah kat orang tu kan?
Yang rugi nye, orang yang menyampah.
Bukan orang yang ko menyampah tu.
Kalau orang yang korang menyampah tu tak teraffect pun ngan korang, tu menunjukkan dia bersabar.
Atau dengan kata lain, korang kurang sabar.

Ok sebelum jenn merapu macam pensyarah psikologi, NEXT!!!

Perasaan #3 Mencari perhatian
Dalam banyak-banyak perasaan yang nak diblogkan, I think this is the most interesting one.
Because nowadays, there are certain status updates yang tujuan dia tak lain tak bukan,
Maybe korang kurang kasih sayang dari kawan-kawan.
Maybe korang tak reti nak selesaikan masalah in real life.
Maybe jugak korang dah takde mulut nak bercakap, hanya ada jari jemari untuk menaip.
DAN takde handphone untuk SMS cuma ade laptop untuk UPDATE STATUS.

Sekian terima kasih.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

colorful life!

colorful stockings!!
yeay for me!! yeay for me group!! we've finished 1st dept on upper cycle already!! the final day, saturday, was our viva with Prof. H. He was nice but strict sometimes. The viva was in group and I was nervous at first, but alhamdulillah, I manage to answer (some of it). I hope we all got great marks.

Next monday, a new department awaits us. FYI, we still don't know what department we will be going into. So, it's gonna be kind of surprise, ait. 

Anyway, do u like my colourful stockings? I got these babies yesterday!!! They were on my checklist for quite some time, and here in Medan there is only one sox gallery & it's sooo far. *exxagerating*

I miss home, I miss Malaysia, I miss my family, I miss diniepikacitoabboy. I miss someone that isn't mine.

Friday, March 25, 2011

eat you heart!

last night dinner

i want this for lunch, dinner, tomorrow breakfast, lunch, and dinner again.
can ah?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

i'll miss you orthopaedic.

GeT ReAdY fOr the GRueLLing
tHe hOrRifyinG
thE eXtReme

sTraigHT frOm thE orTHopAEdiC SurGerY dEpaRtMent


talus dislocation

future surgeons
(that's dr iela and dr syafik)

neurosurgeron + orthosurgeon taking a nap
midnight on call.
i've finished duty on orthopaedic surgery. i'll surely miss them. this week will be our examination week. hopefully we'll ace it after 3 weeks of operations, rounds, oncalls, bed-side teachings.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

friday events.

what a day! during the saidatul ayyam, there were 2 big events.

1)a friendly match.
I mean a REAL friendly match between our futsal team versus students of Sultan Iskandar Muda of Medan Sunggal.

The scene was like at the last AFF Suzuki Final Match.
Like, seriously.

We were outnumbered by fans and yells.
We are Malaysians, they are Indonesians.

They sang Garuda DiDadaku like at the match.
They yells "IN-DO-NESIA" just like at the match.

Their coach wore Indonesia's Polo T-shirt.
Afiq wore Malaysia's blue jersey.

And We won.
grabbed from Ezzaq FB
who's our only supporter there.

2) Fara's birthday celebration
Today is fara's birthday but we have to be oncall at RSUP HAM until tomorrow.
So we decided to celebrate it yesterday, along with celebration for winning the friendly match.

those who attend
i hope u had fun birthday girl!
we celebrate it at mr.pancake, sun plaza. it was nice seeing all the friends at one place, gathering and exchanging news & gossip. the food was nice, the company was great, it was a relaxing night out.

I'll upload the rest of the pic to FB if I got time later.

Okay, patients waiting for me at the A&E, so till then!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Martian with red headband >.<
Sometimes I feel like I'm from outerspace,
When I talk,
Nobody understands.
When I cry,
Nobody knows why.
When I feel crappy,
Nobody stood by me.

Sometimes I wish I could find,
A place truly where I belong.
A place where someone, or somebody,
Have the same piece of mind,
Or maybe just understand what I'm saying.
Someone just to say, yes you are right,
when I'm about to explode.

But maybe I'm wishing wrong,
maybe what I have now is the best for me,
maybe after all,
what we wish for is not what we need now.

Pray hard, bear in mind,
Everything will be okay in the end,
Till then stay strong,
Stand for yourself,
we'll find what we are searching for.

Monday, March 07, 2011

those old times

I NEVER upload scanned photos of old pictures.
You know, the one where we had to buy a 32/64 ? roll of film and insert it into a camera (yes, do you know where we can find those type of camera nowadays?) and snap! snap! ; after that we have to go to a photo shop (its seriously a shop, not some app) and wait for about 30 minutes to see all the pics.

You guys remember righttttttttttttt?? Haha.

So recently, two of my old friends (damn, we're getting old together right?) from different phase of my life, upload some pictures to the all fame FB.

You know what old pictures do right?

Bring back all those memories.
Bad ones. Happy ones. Wacky ones. Sad ones.
Anyho, those two pictures are happy ones.
Can anyone see how drama free my life is? *cough*

from farhana romeli's FB
that's the girls fom my batch at MRSM Muadzam Shah.
Last day of SPM.
from Nor Sharizan's FB.
My 1st roomies in MCIIUM.
Aisyah college, 1st year.
Looking back at these old photos made me realise how far had i've been through, how long had i had live on the world, and how many sacrifices from our loved ones (UmiAyah especially) that I'm where I am now.

I should be less complaining and comparing.
*Biarlah walaupun handphoneku masih a pure phone T_T*

I should be thankful and work hard to make all those times are worth it.
You should be doing it too.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Orthopedic, on call Sunday

I told you I'll be back. haha. Let's not make hiatus a regular thing right?
So now I'm finishing my first week of my one month stint in orthopedic dept.

I've told you before that I'm loving it, and now I'm still in the same state, even when today, it was my group turn to 'on call' for 24 hours + monday's W.H (wajib hadir). It was super-tiring as we had to do all things by ourselves, which means prescribing all the patient, GV-ing all the patient and follow rounds with the doctor. By night time we have to stand by  if any patient is admitted to the orthopedic dept at the A&E.

It was a chance to getting to know more about the patient illness, and learning stuff relating to their conditions.

the rest of the group taking a break
someone feels too much at home, guess which one.

tired face.

us! in the co-asst on call room.

Okay, looking forward for the second week and for the next entry!!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

orthopedic, week 1.

salam and hi readers, even if there are few of you guys. heheh. its been a while since my last update and of course many things happened.

recently, just this week, i had my first from-doctor-point-of-view experience in the OR! (or OT, or here, OK : pronounced oo-ka ). Whatever the name is, I am really excited and nervous at the same time. FYI, I skipped paeds in the lower cycle and joined my group for upper cycle and now I'm happy in the Orthopedic Surgery Department! 

Can I membebel a bit? I thought Orthopedic would be lame, as it was only stuff related to bones. But somehow my experience contradict me. I was enjoying this department more than I thought I would be!
 <3 <3 <3 <3 (too much doing love icon at FB resulting that)

The doctors who are studying to be Ortho specialist AND are in charge of us are cool enough. They dont treat us like stupid students, but more like future colleagues. Me likey!

the pseudo-shoe lace.
ignore the blood splatter too. hehe.
i'm tempted to put a picture of me in the OT clothes or here we call doek. You may noticed the difference of language between Malaysia and Indonesia even in medical stuff, and the simple reason for that is they are colonized by the Dutch. So the language that are absorbed into Indonesian Language was a bit influenced by the Dutch. Haha a bit history for you there! :D
Anyway, no picture of me here (or anywhere) wearing that clothes, because I looked too skinny. Not a good image for future doctor right? hehe.

Okay till then, I'll be back, faster than a G6!!