Thursday, December 21, 2006


okay yesterday i told myself;
"you better cheer urself up,or not u r going to drive urself (and other ppl around u) mad"

so i tried to be thankful.


there are so many things that i need to be thankful for.
so lets not sulk away with ur problems that no one wants to hear.

i'm thankful that i am here in malaysia.
the lesser-polluted airs.
thankful that when i woke up in the morning, i have a three-stripes toothpaste that has multi function purpose other than cleansing ur teeth.
thankful that i got to eat daging kicap berempah for lunch.
thankful that i got to eat fish and chip for dinner.
thankful that my picture (1st ever attempt) got publish in a kewl site.
sile klik here to view.
anyway thankful achik dpt pegi kuantan.
eventho i x confem yet.


bwat pe emo2..haha.

but i still x ske org menyebok pasal aku. please.
(uish kasar lak rasenye)

neway pray hard..i so wanna go meet the spactees.

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