Tuesday, September 05, 2006


aaah~its been so long since i've update dis thingy.

i mish n sayang evry1 yg penuhkan my shout out box..mekasih...

but keep wondering..bile a dis one budak nak sebuk lagi kat situ..pqot, saye windu kamu!

i've just finished d biochem lab just now doing enzyme-thingy. i have donated my saliva for a lot of lab experiments dat i dont think i'm gona talk much right now(not!)
for chem, i've donated 10ml..
for biochem just now, i tot i wana buli hafizan to donate his..tp adek2ku ini mmg la..las2 i haf to donate it. LAAAAAGI. x kesah a. and fadhil dok2 "ewe"..eish dak nie.. d boys mmg lawak2 bodo nye type. really fun to hang wif them as rase sume cam adek2ku yang sgt nakal.

last 2 days my mum called me..aah so missing my family. she said my zulfa is missing me a lot,and is trying hard to learn to read so that she can read my letter dat i posted. uhh..terharu nye.

for more OSPEK news, i went to the 1st third of the malaysian OSPEK. its kinda okay,compared to d USU one. of course, Malaysian are more civilised right. hee... and uhh..sowie my new fwens, but i do look a bit sombong at 1st. they tot i am one of d ACMS student, which d seniors attack gile2 cz diorg very la berkelompok and dont mix wif others.not their fault i think, cz diorg da ramai. heh.so dis sunday, still got d 2nd part of d ospek thingy.dah la exam coming up....buku xde....aduhai...

home news, pandi (do u remember, d nice guy) dok gile2 nye buat lawak wif me. bengong tul. achik n swarna tukang gelak. huu...kalo nampak me je, he goes like "jEEEnabb..." aduhai. bengong.

wif achik,everything is bengong. haha. even swarna got the bengong bug. sumitha lagi aa..hehee..dats how we make life more interesting. ahaxs.

drinks.yogurt sini mahal gile. cz they hav to import from france. wah. damn. x minum ygurt drink a for brape months ni. chocolates. cadbury n toblerone stil got here. but atas sket dr harge biase kite. i dunt care. i need to trigger my happy hormone.

~nak tulis pepanjang ni,cz i dunt noe when i can update lagik.

my cdt flow like water skang.so sorry if i didnt reply ur mssgs, specially fizul. (kamu udeh dtg ke blog gue). aritu ada band punye romantic rhapsody tour, i went to...USU. haha. xde mase la long.murah ke aape.

~aargh malas a plak nk type lagik,keyboard crap. n furthermore nk maghrib da. buhbye...

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