Thursday, August 03, 2006

[havoc in my!]

:: countdown to smile : 7 daes ::

aargh!!! so many things are going to happen in this and the coming week. help!

i have like:
  • 2 daes to prepare to a family gathering.
  • 3 daes to prepare myself for kementerian pertahanan interview.
  • and yikes! 7 daes to prepare mentally and physically to live in somewhere outside Malaysia.

and i have,like, soOOoo many things that i've planned for the hols dat are done yet. such as:

  • finish watching all the seasons of one tree hill.
  • master all sorts of cooking.
  • sleep all day long (haha,so not possible)
  • emm..tu je kot. ahaa.

my crazy mind is so messed up wif so many things right now. huu...

it's just because i dont know what to expect there. no clue. no clue at all.

with these cluttered mind, i cant take anymore criticism. please. i just wish it stops. please don't do it anymore. not to my actions. not to my responses. please.

~i'll always be waiting for you..(shiver-coldplay)

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