Thursday, August 30, 2007

+.::.+ stress level : high +.::.+

totally stressed out ryte now
lagi2 cc ni gelap x hingat, pasangla lampu sengalssss...

neway sgt kne berhati2 ryte now.
recently ade demonstrasi kat konsulat malaysia.
coz of d tumbuk2 thingy.
i was spposedly ulang alik konsulat cz jadi emcee for d big day.
merdeka. in other words, maybe masuk RTM mukakuh.

tapi thankfully sy sgt tak sekepale ngan si partner emcee dat i decided to drop d bomb dat i tarik diri dis morning. d event is 2moro. bkn selfish. kalo i teruskan i'll mess d event. seriously.
i tanak tengok pun muka dat guy. dammit. lagi pun dgn event skills lab arituh xmo a.

so xtaoo a camne upacara aekkan bendera @ konsulat & dinner 2moro nieh. takut ade riot lagi.
melepas nk mkn satay kajang free kt konsulat. sgt takot kay.

huh. pray 4 malaysian's safety here in indonesia.

okay. ade pharmaco lab report to be done.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

+.::.+ alooha +.::.+

finished formatif exam already. sgt scary the questions. n i mengalami few bad things, unfortunate things. A series of unfortunate events. For the whole week. I don't know. Maybe memang minggu tak 'ong' la for me, but i take it positively, with thanks to shera n dins n pika yang sanggup mendengar my bebelan n celotehan weekly. i miss u guys, really. lagi2 wen dgr cite korg hangout n d 'people' u've met. haha. but then this is the path i've chosen, but i've choose not to loose them, my spacteessistas..

this week punye skills lab is doing the 'Leopold' palpations on a pregnant lady, n is the last event of the week, (the exam was in the morning) during which, something bad and embarrassing happened, sangat malu okay. sangat taktau macammane leh terjadi.
kurang PD (percaya diri) dah jennyto agaknye. or maybe she's just damn tired.

rakan-rakan skills lab

other than that next week is the busiest week i'll had, with the dateline of Blaze!, the Merdeka celebration n preparing for Malaysian's OSPEK (woot! sy jadi panitia!) very very tired skang.
dahla keyboard my 1.9kg thingy wat hal, sgt byk susah saye. huu

in memories of kiko,fifi (not in picture) n panda.
i tell u one thing, i think kangaroo(yg kat blakang tu) is the killer!

sangat takde idea ape nk taip lagi, lagi di cc dan memikirkan tons of work kt umah, n nk siapkan preparation untuk AGM PM USU lagi, tolonglah people, move it will ya?

studies had been great, sangat menarek, sangat-sangat. sangat suke the reproductive block kay.

gamba hiasan semate2.

till then, till my feet found their way to the cc again, or till me n my house mate install the modem for our house, till i found free time in my schedule, till my brain find something interesting to write. i miss all people related to me so much, i even miss my ex-bestie in school.
n i found Shia LaBeouf is so irrestible. muaxXx!

huu. *winks*

Sunday, August 19, 2007

+.::.+ update rojak gile +.::.+

And so it died.

Now there are only 3 left.


Last night, a beloved friend of the house dies.
Kiko died.
Now arnab-arnab iela harus berhati-hati dengan jaring di tepi sangkar mereka tuh.

Ohkay! Enuff bout the rabbits kay!
Now, the interesting part, ME!
(serious bunyik macam Kuzco. K-U-z-c-O! Kuzco!~)

Been busy sangat ngan PM USU's activities,
eventho exam on Friday. Dem wei. Jumaat. Banyak gle nak cover!
Huh. Mauk score!!!!!
Tapi memang best ar belajar kat MET arituh. Rase nak jadi dokter baru yang akan dibuli.
Huhu..kene wat iv infusion ke apetah aritu. Didn't concentrate much as time tuh ade agenda lain
with Ummi, Aimi and Rins (a.k.a Pierre Andre look-alike~jgn mare ye Rins) !
And guess what, tah makhluk manetah yang bijak laa sangat put my name down untuk AJK Publication
for MET. Dah nafikan 3 kali dah dat I was elected, but then ade je name tu balik kat senarai AJK.
Konspirasi ni wei..jangan aa camni..saye budak baik...

Ospek USU is going on. Sangat teruk lah the juniors dibuli. Ingat nak do a little saving, tapi masa tak mengizinkan.
adek2ku...bertahanlah..memang rase nak teruk gile, tapi percayalah, there are a lot to be learnt from that stupid OSPEK.

Merdeka is coming, the celebration is in the hands of Syed, hopefully you buat yang best la. This is, furthermore, our 50th anniversary.
And my Blaze pun kne siap before that day, so dat i can sell it during the dinner :)

Few of ACMS students were admitted to the hospital, kene demam denggi.
Kawan-kawanku..berhati-hatilah. Slalu-slalulaa banteras nyamuk~

Till then, saye nak pegi belajar pasal PPH ni. (Post-Partum Haemorrhage)

Monday, August 13, 2007

+.::.+ still thinking +.::.+

some pics i thot u wud enjoy. the first one is the usual view that ppl will experience if they took a 'becak' to go aroung medan. the latter is one of the ad displayed in Sun Plaza. Hope ur not hungry kay. Till then~

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

+.::.+ and so it happens +.::.+

give it up and try again
dont let go
i know the times are hard for you in your life
(gotta keep movin on)
even if you fall and then dont let go
coz if you believe in your love and your dreams
just keep on moving on (moving on)

just take your time decide yourself what you have in mind
and no one else could ever break if you keep your head up high
you got to love yourself before you love somebody else
this would apply to you
i'll make your dreams come true

i've been thru so many things back in my life
most of times i wish that i can go and turn back time
what can i do to go right on with my life
this would apply to you
let's make your dream come true


open up your eyes and dont hold back
start to move on
just take your first step, never move back
look into the future gotta be on track
gotta be strong (gotta be strong)
gotta move on (gotta move on)
gotta face everything and anything
keep on planning..planning high...

just take your first step you can go far
believe in your self
coz there's nothing too hard
gotta be strong
gotta be higher,higher...

repeat~c/o dengan macho and kewlness-nya~

I’m not stating anything here, not trying to make any point here, and nonetheless trying to hint out to people. I’m just here because that is what I think I should do, to have a break from the real world. I’m here simply because I’m here.

And also I’m not saying this to anyone but myself, never ever take people for granted. And no matter how you wake up in the morning, feeling on top of the world or feeling like you never want to wake up, wake up. Just face the music~

And to break away from my suddenly emo-entry is that an announcement my class rep made just now,

“ Yang cowok-cowoknya untuk lab PK (pronounced PEAR-KA) sila bawa sperma masing-masing ya~”

Yes you read it right, guys, please bring your own sperms for the clinical pathology lab. Huhu not the kind of announcement that you would hear in shopping malls! :p

Till then, I’m cutting off myself from this virtual world for some moment, and this blog will be, as cliché as it sounds, on hiatus.

Ya Allah, aku berlindung pada-Mu dari rasa sedih dan gelisah, dan aku berlindung pada-Mu dari kelemahan dan kemalasan; dan aku berlindung pada-Mu dari sikap pengecut dan bakhil. Ya Allah perkenankanlah permintaan ini.

Monday, August 06, 2007

+.::.+ I wanna have your babies +.::.+

I felt like vomiting this few days. Well for the past two days.

Urm not for the title also~ wahey!! So not okay! The tajuk is lagu Natasha bedingfield yang sgt catchy that makes me end up singing that exact sentences everytime tengok pictures of babies, since banyak gile gambar they all in this block~ well, my vomiting.

If I’m under stress, I will get sick. N if I’m sick n unable to do my stuff, I’ll be stressed out.
Sickening isn’t it?

Well the reproductive system block has been well scheduled, too well in fact. It took all my evenings and afternoons. Next week, my mornings will be taken away from me too, by the labs and the tutorials.

Tutorials. Huh. They (the MEU (medical education unit) people) has scattered the old list name and published a new one. Huh. I’m so missing my old A-11 group. Fighting wif Duma and Sumitha, laughing at Zainul and Imran’s jokes, gossiping wif Farihah and Muhaniah, discussing (or more like stealing ideas,) from Achik, observing Alia, Vivi and Erni giggling…not forgetting Komathi, Florencius and Rumiris.. huu…

Been sick for the past two days, saket tengkuk and selseme! Macam urat2ku tegang. Org kate sebab stress. Well today is Monday, and i’ve skipped two class. Huh. Can’t wait till Saturday. Sangat penat and pening.

The MET is finally launched. MET is actually Tim Medis PM USU (Perwakilan Mahasiswa Malaysia USU) but me n few others sangatlah tak suke namer tu. Why do we have to copy the already established Tim Bantuan Medis USU? Sangatlah confusing okay. So since the power of advertising is in my hand, and the power to influence the Mr. President still rest in my hand, I thought why not. MET stands for Medical Emergency Team and is strictly for Malaysian students under the PM USU. I hope MET will be successful, and for the recently elected board members, good luck in being the pioneers!!

Class had been okay. Terrific pun yer. Since dr. Letta finished the 9-month development thingy in the uterus in 1 hour. And without the mic. Imagine what we have to study on our own.

Sis Rus is in town this week. I mean here in Medan. She had come back to settle some things with USU and on the 10th (kot!) she will be registering at CUCMS, the land of keQz and abbOy! Hope everything will turn out fine for her, and have a better life there. Kan awak...kite akan wrindu awak tau...biar diri tu happy dulu..orang len happy pk kemudian...btul tak wak?? Semoge chayo’2 yer kt sane...jadi top student tau!! Xoxo~

With that, I end my entry here, coz I got millions to study, n somehow kan dins, Achik rupenye selame ni have a messy-chinese-looking-guy for her aikido partner!! Patot aa semangat gi tiap2 kali!! Heheeee...jom belasah achik jom!! :p oh yer, I miss u guys badly. Enjoy Adam Brody!!!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

+.::.+ oh well 2nd hello +.::.+

aargh sgt senget k. kt cc ni die takde kt blogger ni takde aa leh letak gamba..
laa payah2 je smangat tangkap gamba!!! xmo aa ltak kt fs..ape barang..hee..x buleh nk bold kan la edit2 x bisa...huuu =( so here's my simple-no-feature-new-entry~

2nd year!!!!! huu dah stat da..but before that updates!!!

Thank you to my new multipurpose-do-it-yourself rack, my outer skin of one of my finger had peeled off. Luckily I had brought along Azkeey’s little gift to me. Two cute plasters. Actually it was hers, then I felt that a box of plasters is too much for one little eczema, and two, the plasters are totally cute.

My new house update! The owner just added the refrigerator, washing machine, and television but...we still can’t get rid of the previous tenant.(guess who?? or what??) I am happy with my room, Alhamdulillah and hope that somehow my privacy *sheesh* will naekkan my marks!!! I bought myself a very bee-you-tee-fool carpet (^_^) pheewitt!!! (and it’s pink!)

The new block, namely reproductive system block, had commence on Monday. It has so many, I would say, interesting, practical labs and for the skills labs, I guess, it will cause our coyness towards some things to be annihilated, for the time being. But then isn’t it cool to know what it’s like to be in Dr. Addison Montgomery’s shoes? *wide grin all over* the awesome doctor, who maintains a great personality but still a little air-headed on life. Freaking cool, isn’t it?! So far the lecturers from obgyn dept has been so damn better than all the lecturers before. And to add to my excitement, my previously skills lab coach and tutorial (pbl) tutor that i like, will be teaching me. soon. Dr Letta, who has lots of rockin high heels and Dr. M. Rusda who has been so understanding during a skills lab session, will be entering the usually 2nd best lectures class, A2. It is always like that, A1 always get the best lecturers. From Pat. Anat to Biochem..huu not that i care much~

Well..they say..Nobody’s perfect~

Coz i've been busy lately, lagi2 with my classes no longer are in the morning..tha A classes da jadi 'kelas petang' while the B classes da jadi pagi. kinda fair las yer they all da petang..but then..lupekan pasal itu..actually i nearly miss, and already missed some of the things that are important. my lil gedik zulfa aliya who had called me all the way from malaysia to ask for a necklace. huu yeah ryte darlink sista. i'm so not buying u that. apart from that my angah's so-called debut kat ntv7. i thought i wana called him dat nyte. tapi terlupa cz of dok busy2 settlekan pasal umah.

neway forgive if ade yg salah eja ke ape, faham2 je laa..nk balik cepat ni..dah kelas ptg, da sgt petang pun ni..angkut yg lalu my new house tu pun tak bape byk..

well dins, i've bought a tshirt, n it reads;

If you love someone, set them free, if they come back, set them on FIRE!!! =p

hee.. :)