Wednesday, August 08, 2007

+.::.+ and so it happens +.::.+

give it up and try again
dont let go
i know the times are hard for you in your life
(gotta keep movin on)
even if you fall and then dont let go
coz if you believe in your love and your dreams
just keep on moving on (moving on)

just take your time decide yourself what you have in mind
and no one else could ever break if you keep your head up high
you got to love yourself before you love somebody else
this would apply to you
i'll make your dreams come true

i've been thru so many things back in my life
most of times i wish that i can go and turn back time
what can i do to go right on with my life
this would apply to you
let's make your dream come true


open up your eyes and dont hold back
start to move on
just take your first step, never move back
look into the future gotta be on track
gotta be strong (gotta be strong)
gotta move on (gotta move on)
gotta face everything and anything
keep on planning..planning high...

just take your first step you can go far
believe in your self
coz there's nothing too hard
gotta be strong
gotta be higher,higher...

repeat~c/o dengan macho and kewlness-nya~

I’m not stating anything here, not trying to make any point here, and nonetheless trying to hint out to people. I’m just here because that is what I think I should do, to have a break from the real world. I’m here simply because I’m here.

And also I’m not saying this to anyone but myself, never ever take people for granted. And no matter how you wake up in the morning, feeling on top of the world or feeling like you never want to wake up, wake up. Just face the music~

And to break away from my suddenly emo-entry is that an announcement my class rep made just now,

“ Yang cowok-cowoknya untuk lab PK (pronounced PEAR-KA) sila bawa sperma masing-masing ya~”

Yes you read it right, guys, please bring your own sperms for the clinical pathology lab. Huhu not the kind of announcement that you would hear in shopping malls! :p

Till then, I’m cutting off myself from this virtual world for some moment, and this blog will be, as cliché as it sounds, on hiatus.

Ya Allah, aku berlindung pada-Mu dari rasa sedih dan gelisah, dan aku berlindung pada-Mu dari kelemahan dan kemalasan; dan aku berlindung pada-Mu dari sikap pengecut dan bakhil. Ya Allah perkenankanlah permintaan ini.

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