Wednesday, November 07, 2007

+.::.+ its not what i like, but.. +.::.+

we live in this world. with everyone else.

that's the solid truth.

the fact.

so anything that we do, anything that we say,
are bound to affect others.

and vice versa.

eventhough sometimes we feel like we want to isolate ourselves from other people,
we can't.
and thus, we have to fake our smiles, forget our sorrows temporarily, live for the moment.

teringat kate-kate cikgu BM kat IIUM Gombak (a.k.a cikgu kuning);

"takkan lah nak pegi jumpe orang ngan buat muke "jangan kaco aku.aku ade masalah""

hehe. yeah.

but there are more than faking smiles and crying alone.

there are people who helped you to get you on track, back to the reality, let you focus on what you should do.

thanx housies!~

bukan senang nak pujuk diri sendiri, but now i'm okay dah.

i hope so.

sorry i took such a long time. sorry for the silence.
believe me, it's better than u facing me emo2.


XalongX said...

ah kamuuuu~

just like a tattoo, i always love uuuu~~

jennz said...

i always luv u too!~

cant wait to be back long.

sgt kangen ngan kamu n mesia..