Monday, August 06, 2007

+.::.+ I wanna have your babies +.::.+

I felt like vomiting this few days. Well for the past two days.

Urm not for the title also~ wahey!! So not okay! The tajuk is lagu Natasha bedingfield yang sgt catchy that makes me end up singing that exact sentences everytime tengok pictures of babies, since banyak gile gambar they all in this block~ well, my vomiting.

If I’m under stress, I will get sick. N if I’m sick n unable to do my stuff, I’ll be stressed out.
Sickening isn’t it?

Well the reproductive system block has been well scheduled, too well in fact. It took all my evenings and afternoons. Next week, my mornings will be taken away from me too, by the labs and the tutorials.

Tutorials. Huh. They (the MEU (medical education unit) people) has scattered the old list name and published a new one. Huh. I’m so missing my old A-11 group. Fighting wif Duma and Sumitha, laughing at Zainul and Imran’s jokes, gossiping wif Farihah and Muhaniah, discussing (or more like stealing ideas,) from Achik, observing Alia, Vivi and Erni giggling…not forgetting Komathi, Florencius and Rumiris.. huu…

Been sick for the past two days, saket tengkuk and selseme! Macam urat2ku tegang. Org kate sebab stress. Well today is Monday, and i’ve skipped two class. Huh. Can’t wait till Saturday. Sangat penat and pening.

The MET is finally launched. MET is actually Tim Medis PM USU (Perwakilan Mahasiswa Malaysia USU) but me n few others sangatlah tak suke namer tu. Why do we have to copy the already established Tim Bantuan Medis USU? Sangatlah confusing okay. So since the power of advertising is in my hand, and the power to influence the Mr. President still rest in my hand, I thought why not. MET stands for Medical Emergency Team and is strictly for Malaysian students under the PM USU. I hope MET will be successful, and for the recently elected board members, good luck in being the pioneers!!

Class had been okay. Terrific pun yer. Since dr. Letta finished the 9-month development thingy in the uterus in 1 hour. And without the mic. Imagine what we have to study on our own.

Sis Rus is in town this week. I mean here in Medan. She had come back to settle some things with USU and on the 10th (kot!) she will be registering at CUCMS, the land of keQz and abbOy! Hope everything will turn out fine for her, and have a better life there. Kan awak...kite akan wrindu awak tau...biar diri tu happy dulu..orang len happy pk kemudian...btul tak wak?? Semoge chayo’2 yer kt sane...jadi top student tau!! Xoxo~

With that, I end my entry here, coz I got millions to study, n somehow kan dins, Achik rupenye selame ni have a messy-chinese-looking-guy for her aikido partner!! Patot aa semangat gi tiap2 kali!! Heheeee...jom belasah achik jom!! :p oh yer, I miss u guys badly. Enjoy Adam Brody!!!

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