Tuesday, October 23, 2007

+.::.+ another goodbye +.::.+

entry kali ni special sangat sangat sangat untuk kawanku yang ku kenal time zaman di USU ni.

seseorang yang sangat best bile diajak berborak.

memang best kalo bagi idea sebab die akan support and bagi feedback.

memang best sebab level komitmen die tinggi dalam wat ape-ape hal.

memang best lagi kalo diajak merapu.

rinie b. ramli.

from his FS:

"There has been some changes happened in my life rite now.. and 1 of it is i wont continue my studies in medicine anymore..Sadly to say due to lots of misfortune goin on in my personal life n my family, i had to give way to this wonderful opportunity i had here in Medan.. 1 of d reason is financial problem..I would like to apologize to:1.Perwakilan Malaysia USU for not being able to continue my role as d vice president2.USU itself for not finishing my studies3.To all my frens n those who know me who i might hurt/offended in anyway4.For not being able to joke,fool around,kacau-ing anymore or giving weird,foolish,unwise advise which is not suppose to give (reminds me y ask advice from me?)5.For not being able to screw ppl's mind during exams (man i love this part!my fav!)6.And to my beloved Ucuk for not being there with uThrough my short years in USU, i've met many frens which i'll always adore n will always b loved whereva u guys are.. and i thank you for ur attention n patience with my weird personality (LOL!)..But never-the-less, we will always b frens ^^Luckily in this unfortunate events, i've been granted another opportunity to pursue in other field which i cant talk much rite now coz we are still finalizing d agreement.. but will definitely let u guys know once its done ^^Its funny how thgs goin around u.. but i know tht this is just another test.. a test for d fittest.. a test in life~Like my mom used to say"Allah SWT cuma menguji orang yang Dia sayang"..being positive is always my priority~And definitely 1 day i'll be a doc.. the fire of passion is still burning in me.."
huh..i'm missing ur celotehans ryte now..
bye rins!~
hope we'll see each other soon!~


XalongX said...

dia yg pierre andre lookalike tuh eyh?


jennz said...

oh iya lah..


gW gk bisa masuk blog kamu..
dy redirectinG sampE ntah kapan pun gK bisa....

but i wish u happiness all the same.
u can count on me to pray for you!~

d said...

tiada lagi connection-ku dgn pierre andre di medan.sobs.