Tuesday, July 10, 2007

+.::.+ one swallow doesn't make a summer +.::.+

well the proverb is right.
one swallow really doesn't make a summer.

the opposite of the proverb's meaning is also right.
if one bad thing happened to you,it doesn't neccasarily mean that your whole day is gonna be bad.

visiting k.i yang da jadi o.k.u.s (orang kurang upaya sementara) due to accident. semoge cepat elok keq~

well i used to be that way. lagi2 when i wake up later than i planned. raser cam bad mood je the whole day. now i'm no longer that idiot girl. eventho in some matters, i still am. haha. macam this cuti gak..i started off boring. eventho pegi sabah, tapi ade rase keboringan yang amat. but then, everything turns out fine. erm, insyaAllah.
other than that, i've been keeping my feelings all to myself lately, since ... ehem. i guess i never told that story also to my bloggie. it's just not me. seriously i felt it was hard to keep all these thoughts to myself. but during that time, there was no one. no one to talk to. well there is. but i was ragu2, don't want to burden anyone. but i still am, kan?

bersama ummi dan mummy (bukan shera tau.) saye pereka nya~

now, i dont feel it is too hard to contain my feelings anymore. macam dah biase. cume kadang tu..i felt like i shud tell sum1, but then..tapayahlaa.. i dunt know is this a good thing for me or not. coz by keeping all these tots n feelings to myself, mestilaa people dunt know what i want, n therefore i can't get what i want!!!

well, itu laa yang i had to sacrifice. i had to learn yang bukan semua yang kite nak tu boleh dpat..tapi kalo kite pendamkan...does that counts as tak berusaha??? hurm...

ngan along jalan2 di klcc! yeay! alfredo? check!

to let it be??


to fight for it??

my hols are ending. and u know how i hate it.
well i dunt hate it very much. cz dis hol i had a blast seeing my fwens n a good time shuppink n also holiday trips wif my pham...
kalolaa i dapat end it wif watching harry potter(n the order of phoenix) wif my fwens..huhu

kat pee dee's ancasa. tiap2 ari burn kan kulit kat swimming pool~

9 days left. to my flight date.
ironi nya, jerawat ke-9 saye muncul.
nk ditambah lagi?? sy di negeri 9. haha dat doesn't count. i know.

dearies~ (including shewa..ciann die xley masok gamba ni sbb pakai kale biroo) mish ya! nk jumpe las tyme??? please..before jennyto balik....

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