Monday, July 16, 2007

+.::.+ of the experiences +.::.+

1. driving

one can say women are emotional drivers 10% of the time.
the 90% of it they are rational. indeed. guys? dont be big-headed kay. or sum1 will end up calling u MCP behind ur back. or maybe at ur side, or infront, depends on the position of ur car,dat is.

motorist. they no longer know that they are small and shud be at the side of the road. not the middle of it.

signal before manoeuvre. a community service message in the tv, radio n everywhere else. u passed the driving test ryte, shows tat u r not blind, deaf or had brain haemorrhage (well if you do, sum1 else shud drive u to the nearest hospital).

be patient. not everyone has the high neuron speed like u do. after all, it's their car, their safety. reserve your honking for emergency.

2. shopping

customer service is important.

beware of these shops:

* pizza hut (seremban parade)
* goggles (jusco s2)
* [i-cant-bother-to-know-what-is-the-name-of-the-shop] watch shop (sogo)

thank you for making my day:

* 7-e (paroi jaya)
* nose (midv)
* shopaholic (times square)
* tropicana life (cineleisure)

3. travelling.

pedestrian please use the pedestrian crossing. it was, after all, named after you.

air asia new system where u can pay a lil extra so that u can enter a lil early. but what about mother n child?? aren't we supposed to be courteous?

KTM komuter. *applause* for the trying-to-upgrade the halt. what about the tracks? and the trains? this is a very fast moving world right now. the only thing that is slowing down is the blue-train thingy. uhh.

" nothing u confess..would make me love you less " -the pretenders

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