Saturday, November 03, 2007

+.::.+ and thus, the blondes rules +.::.+

buffday bash : happy bdae to shaz, tipz, afiq, halili.

i may sound stupid saying this.

but blondes, as stupid as the cliched labeled them, have some power that the rest of the world thought thay haven't.

being blunt.

as blunt as the blondes who spend thousands or millions to be beautiful. we are actually becoming more like them. no offence k.

maybe not by spending a lot to scream attention, look at me that kinda thing. but by this very channel, internet. through the-very-Asian f*riendster, through the very pimped-My*space, through the very uh-thrashy?-hi*5, F*acebook, and a whole lot more where we could find meta-friends everywhere.

we let people judge us by our page, by the picture that we-photoshoped, by the cheesy 'about-me', and let those unknown friends(or strangers to be exact) to comment whatever we thought appropriate. (it not, we'll delete them ryte?)

we know more about our meta-friends more than we know about our real friends,the ones that helped us to choose us what we wanna eat for lunch, the friends that noticed the chewing-gum that stuck on your left shoe, the friends that sit next to you in the bus, the friends that, well you get the idea.

sometimes, we know about them, more than we know ourselves.

we had depended too much on the net to get the so-called friendship. even the mobile phones doesn't stand a chance. no IM, no contact. why? coz we are the lazy generation, and even- the stingy generation.

well, what's my point actually?

savour your real friends. a salute to all the people who memang pandai to keep in touch regardless the presence/absence of the net. mish u guys!! :)

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