Tuesday, October 16, 2007

+.::.+ raya@medan! +.::.+

selamat hari raya aidilfitri,u guys.

i just went through 3 very eventful days, eventhough these 3 tiring-but satisfying is uncomparable (or is it incomparable?) with celebrating raya with family, back in Malaysia...

in order for me to keep showing off (haha!) that i DO NOT cry for the sake of not being back in Malaysia, here it goes!!~

Day 1 a.k.a 1 Syawal

we went to the Malaysian Embassy to perform the solat aidilfitri there, and have a little bit makan-makan after that.
eventhough we already had makan-makan at our house (with rendang, nasi impit, macaroni goreng, kuih raya, etc)..jangan tak tau..fud at our house lagi meriah dari what they serve at the embassy!!~ hehee..

after that, we all went to Pak Reza's house, he's my housies' punye kenalan, during our 1st yir (ala-ala harry potter)..
then, as masing-masing punye perut dah pernoh, we head back home, and with intention to visit Mbak Yam, the lady which helps us with cleaning the house. but she was not at home.
so we all balik, TIDO. since the night before raye, we were up until 3 adjusting n siaping baju!~

in the afternoon, we went to Nisa' house. Nisa' is a friend I get to know in my IIUM Gombak times. Now she's fast friends with Dins, Shewa & Pika!! (these 3 i miss them so much!!) We ate delicious lontong and rendang!!! n as usual haf a little dose of gossip~ :)

Next stop is Carrefour, to buy stuff to cook tomorrow. Why tomorrow? wait a,

Straight from Carrefour, we all went to Illya & Hajar's house. They have some makan-makan there, so makan-makan la lagi!!! Spicy kuetiaw tomyam was served there, and we ate full-heartedly! (dengan sepenoh hati! :p)

Is it done???


We made a last stop, at Kampung Keling.
The guys pegi beli mercun and stuff!!! Crazy a they all!! Time puase dah main da sket-sket..tapi macam mellow-mellow je laa mercun...these time diorang beli hard-core nye...ahaxs... then we went back, siapkan masak for tomorrow.

Oh, it is already 4 a.m when we all went to bed.

2nd day a.k.a 2 Syawal.

it's our turn to do makan-makan!!!!

menu : nasi lemak pantai timur, 'mee hoon greng afiq', kek milo :p , and other foodstuffs.

our makan-makan clashed with the YT's. (yayasan terengganu) but it doesn't stop the guests from coming!!~
after 4hours layaning the guests, we all 'tutup kedai' and went to the YT's!!! makan nasi minyak!

malam tu, when the YT's turn to comeover, we all buat fireworks a.k.a mercun display!!!
disponsor oleh the guys + iela!
huhu gegarkan SEI BahOrOk!!~

hehehe...memang besh!! :P

Day 3 a.k.a 3 Syawal

Tido setengah hari.
penat gile dengan x cukup tido.

then, Bowling!!~

i have to admit, i pernah pegang bola bowling tu aderlaa dalam 3 kali before this.
but disebabkan diorang ajak, and i have nothing to do.

mainlaa ceritenye. :)

xdela hebat, but xdela teruk. cz dapat la beberapa spare.
entirely LUCK, i tell you.

that's it. i'll update later coz there's more happenings later this week!!!

ps- i did took lots of pictures, but Blogger cam bengong2...
to view the pics click here : http://picasaweb.google.com/zainabzulkifli

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