Monday, November 19, 2007

+.::.+ yeah ryte +.::.+

well 1 paper down. to be exact, 2 papers down.
and well, what to do, just like szakif , you can't separate the net from people who are kinda addicted to them..
hehs. (dins, i miss hearing u saying this)

before the story get old, before I GET OLDER,
i would like to thank to all my fwens yang sangat2 ingat my birthday
trimas to all of u okay..
to be truthful, for the first time in my life, i wish that 13 november doesn't exist.
so dat i can go on without everyone saying, "hey, u're 21!!!"

i don't hate birthdays. i lurrrve them.
it's my day.
for me, no one could mess up the day for me.
(eventhough in past there had been some)
it's not that i hate being a year older.
but 21 is a big number.
just think for a while, u have lived for 21 years,
but have you stabilize yourself? your amal ibadah?
your study yang makin terumbang-ambing?
what about repaying your parents? the community?

i was reluctant for that day to come.
i had to thank these people.
somehow eventhough i feel like i have waste 21 years of my life,
they made sure i don't feel sad about it. (well kinda!!)

some sang for me (thanx, u n ur fwens r sooo sweet!)
some called from malaysia ( i know it cost a lot, i really,really appreciate it)
some wished thru SMS (gosh! thanx peeps fot the tots!! xoxo!)
and many thru friendster (kinda x reply to all, tp sangat2 thx for d wishes)
others thru the YM!

su made me smile.
shera made me laugh.
along made me happy.

not to forget, peeps at USU.
wishes from classies n campus-ies...
lebih2 lagi my housies + afiq + fahmy.
korang betul2 bwat jenn nak nanges k!!
(actually da nanges dah. hu)
eventho PapaRon's Penne-whatever-its-name-is x sesedap it's Alfredo,
tapi kamu semua ni...hurmm..TERHAWU!!!~
to liza : jgn wat camtu lagi!!
thanx for d pimboOOo yang sangat mengambil space kat my bed. huhu.

thanx uda untuk kate2 kamu..
"21 is just a number.."

thanx sumarsono gals for the card also.

achik n dayah!!!
thanx for the book. kinda inspire me for the next blog entry!!

at the end of the day, i am happy.
but with a new ambition, to be more meaningful in life.
like i said,

it's time to grow up.

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