Sunday, August 26, 2007

+.::.+ alooha +.::.+

finished formatif exam already. sgt scary the questions. n i mengalami few bad things, unfortunate things. A series of unfortunate events. For the whole week. I don't know. Maybe memang minggu tak 'ong' la for me, but i take it positively, with thanks to shera n dins n pika yang sanggup mendengar my bebelan n celotehan weekly. i miss u guys, really. lagi2 wen dgr cite korg hangout n d 'people' u've met. haha. but then this is the path i've chosen, but i've choose not to loose them, my spacteessistas..

this week punye skills lab is doing the 'Leopold' palpations on a pregnant lady, n is the last event of the week, (the exam was in the morning) during which, something bad and embarrassing happened, sangat malu okay. sangat taktau macammane leh terjadi.
kurang PD (percaya diri) dah jennyto agaknye. or maybe she's just damn tired.

rakan-rakan skills lab

other than that next week is the busiest week i'll had, with the dateline of Blaze!, the Merdeka celebration n preparing for Malaysian's OSPEK (woot! sy jadi panitia!) very very tired skang.
dahla keyboard my 1.9kg thingy wat hal, sgt byk susah saye. huu

in memories of kiko,fifi (not in picture) n panda.
i tell u one thing, i think kangaroo(yg kat blakang tu) is the killer!

sangat takde idea ape nk taip lagi, lagi di cc dan memikirkan tons of work kt umah, n nk siapkan preparation untuk AGM PM USU lagi, tolonglah people, move it will ya?

studies had been great, sangat menarek, sangat-sangat. sangat suke the reproductive block kay.

gamba hiasan semate2.

till then, till my feet found their way to the cc again, or till me n my house mate install the modem for our house, till i found free time in my schedule, till my brain find something interesting to write. i miss all people related to me so much, i even miss my ex-bestie in school.
n i found Shia LaBeouf is so irrestible. muaxXx!

huu. *winks*

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