Thursday, November 22, 2007

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before i forgot, birthday wishes!!!!!
happy birthday to my beloved and dearie sista, PIKA!!!!!!!!!
then to my own mento kt USU neh. uhuh. slamat ari jadi ye.
to sari!!!!!! a.k.a ai!!!!!!!!! slamat ultah yaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

tomorrow is my OSCE. Objective Structured Clinical Examination.
i will be tested on 6 different things.

1. Leopold palpitations.
there are four palpitations to know four different things about the baby inside.

(A) The uterine fundus is palpated to determine which fetal part occupies the fundus.
(B) Each side of the maternal abdomen is palpated to determine which side is fetal spine and which is the extremities.
(C) The area above the symphysis pubis is palpated to locate the fetal presenting part and thus determine how far the fetus has descended and whether the fetus is engaged.
(D) One hand applies pressure on the fundus while the index finger and thumb of the other hand palpate the presenting part to confirm presentation and engagement.

2. Normal birth.
we will be tested from the sighting of subocciput till the baby is born. no need the placenta(a.k.a 3rd stage). thank god! x larat nak hapal. :p the hand positioning of every step is crucial here so that there will be no dislocation of the baby's shoulder or whatsoever.

3. Pap's Smear.
this is a test using the speculum to look inside the vagina, to see whether there is evidence of cervical cancer or not. A little swab from the cervix is taken to be examined.

4. Direct examination of a baby's poop!
this is to test our competency if we work in the peripheral area (a.k.a with no high-tech lab). there are three methods,using Lugol solution, Eosin 2% or the Kato method.

5. Anthropometry
To measure the hieght, weight and the head circumference of a child and to determine the nutritional status of the child. Lower than 2 standard deviation of the normal range, poor nutrition. Higher, over nourish.

We have learn how to do immunization on a child for BCG, Polio, Hepatitis and DPT(Dipthera-Pertussiss-Tetanus). But there are rumours that only DPT is tested. DPT is injected at the anterolateral part of the child's thigh and is a intramuscular injection, which you have to insert the needle at 90 degrees.

to practice for no1. and 2. , we had to use ummi's penyu for it has a mum's-like-abdomen, and my own cuppy-the-cute-little teddy bear as the baby. thanx ummi!!
huuh. wish me luck!
p/s forgive me for any inconsistency in the above stuff. note that I wrote this directly from my head, not refering to any book or site. :) except the Leopold pic, from MERCK site.


XalongX said...

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u r not so blonde btw.

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