Friday, November 09, 2007

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it's raining outside.
which made my plan to go out ronggeng-ing with liza to fail.
oh. the rain has stopped.

oh well. might as well finish this entry.
my final exam for the growth&development block is getting nearer and nearer.
knowing that i did my formative quite badly, i hope that for the sumative/final paper, it will be successful one. because macam baru recently did i understood(eventhough not completely) what are the points to be studied..

i'm wondering how in the world that the doctors knows what to do with a neonate.
it is so complex that i beginning to think "PEDIATRICS? = a NO."

there's the Kangaroo Mother Care for LBW(Low Birth Weight) Infants, than if the neonate is LBW there is a high potential for the baby to develop thousands (okay, exxagerate) of illness that needs to be monitored, Hipothermia, Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Hypoglycemia, Hyper, Bilirubin juga. adeih...

After that, ade pulak follow up until adolescences yang not only about their physical illness, but includes emotional and mental. This one which is hard for me. The psychology part. We had to learn and understand Erik Erikson's 8 stages of whatever-it-is. But now cam dah paham lah.

Tak masuk lagi where we are suppose to know what and when a baby/child could do what they should do. Nak hafal kang maen payah nyaa~

Huhu tetibe dok merapik about the block.

Recently I resigned as the Bulletin Exco of PM USU(Perwakilan Mahasiswa di USU), and I find myself more semangat and more dedicated being the Publication Exco of MET(Medical Emergency Team), which is a sub-division of PM USU. Eventhough I had to work with G*(bukan nama sebenar), I had my ways to send messages to him saying "jangan ko nak elak2 kerja!" and "ko buat kerja ko,aku wat kerja aku". In short, my kerja now adalah lagi senang berbanding dulu,and less critics from the oh-don't-you-know-that-you're-annoying seniors. well,some of them are. most of them are nice. (",)

Other than those news, saya sangat tak sabar nak pulang.
I can't wait to meet my along and angah.
To hug and annoy my aki and aliya.
To help and stress out my ummi and ayah.

To gossip and shop and hangout with the spactess and friends.
To rendezvous with dila all around Seremban.

and I cant wait...
oh I never cant wait.
but somehow I do.
Please, tell me that my waitings are all worth it.
'Nunggu ntah sampai kapan...


dins said...

when u coming home babe?

jennz said...



in a month..
i'll tell u later! :)