Monday, September 24, 2007

+.::.+ of people's favourite +.::.+

albeit i'm having exam now,

my mind do need rest,
and my blog, do need some updates.

except dat, today, i'm not feeling very kuzco-like.

but alhamdulillah, today i went in and out of my exam hall with full PD and insyaAllah everything would turn out fine. Just believe in qada' n qadar..hee :)

since dapat access to the world from my pretty but messy little room, macam-macam happenings i dapat, and tak lupe jugak dapat catch up wif few friends yang i dah lamer gile tak tahu ape cerite, sebaek u guys still alive..hehee.

the brutal news of Nurin Jazlin's murder memang patut be a lesson to all of us. either to parents (without accusing Nurin's parents being careless okay!) , to the childrens, to our community and to the government. Malaysia is not that safe anymore, dah banyak history of children murders.

another news, told to me by a fwen (",), involving a newborn baby at the Tunku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital, and an infected arm.

huh. now back to local news (?) hehe..

dinie, i've done wut u ask me to do.
check out the hottie of the day. hehe. '
cept that he's not my type lah.
he's handsome, memang tampan.
tapi not my type of guy i wud drool over! hehe. he's SOO yours.
so who's the guy?



and besides checking out dins's hottie of the week, i also check out fizul's girl of dream.

ueto aya.

or aya ueto.

whteves. huhu.

her singing is not bad though. ade 2 lagu ni je yang berjaya memikat hati ku, worthwhile dengar untuk 2 weeks. heh. i'm really not a fan of these japan-korean-chinese-wutever, tapi tak laa sampai anti. huhu. her songs entitled "Yume no chikara" and "Zatch belll" okaylaa...

huhu..saye lagi suke dengar lagu-lagu raya!!

that's it love yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~


kobeng8 said...

aya ueto is the best japanese actess and singer!! hehehe...

jennz said...

huhu iyakahh??? :p

kobeng8 said...

iyer miss jennyto!! hahhaa

dins said...

wooooo.dennis oh sangat mengancam!!!i'm falling in love with him every day!!
p/s:gen,slmt puase n slmt raye.wish kamu balik... ;(

jennz said...

hee thx dins. i wish dpt raye ngan kowunk juge.


Anonymous said...

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