Saturday, September 29, 2007

+.::.+ 2909 +.::.+

happy birthday ayah~

i meant to upload some editted pics, and put on some nice words.

but then,
1) the connection start to bengong on me
2) i figure out that he would not read this entry

so, just wait for my card to reach our home sweet home.


on Wednesday we had our last exam, and on Thursday, our new block had commenced.
entitled Growth and Development.

i was so mad at the MEU people for not giving us any break. nak juga dipulun-pulunkan otak kitorang ni sampai giler agaknye.
but being a good student, i came to class as usual, trying to absorb knowledge as much as i can.

little did i know.

my body didn't want to.
the very next day, it had decided to be sick.
i had an uttermost unpleasant headache, which ends me up,

1) not going to class
2) bwat holiday break sendiri
3) tidor sepanjang hari.


till then.

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