Wednesday, August 01, 2007

+.::.+ oh well 2nd hello +.::.+

aargh sgt senget k. kt cc ni die takde kt blogger ni takde aa leh letak gamba..
laa payah2 je smangat tangkap gamba!!! xmo aa ltak kt fs..ape barang..hee..x buleh nk bold kan la edit2 x bisa...huuu =( so here's my simple-no-feature-new-entry~

2nd year!!!!! huu dah stat da..but before that updates!!!

Thank you to my new multipurpose-do-it-yourself rack, my outer skin of one of my finger had peeled off. Luckily I had brought along Azkeey’s little gift to me. Two cute plasters. Actually it was hers, then I felt that a box of plasters is too much for one little eczema, and two, the plasters are totally cute.

My new house update! The owner just added the refrigerator, washing machine, and television but...we still can’t get rid of the previous tenant.(guess who?? or what??) I am happy with my room, Alhamdulillah and hope that somehow my privacy *sheesh* will naekkan my marks!!! I bought myself a very bee-you-tee-fool carpet (^_^) pheewitt!!! (and it’s pink!)

The new block, namely reproductive system block, had commence on Monday. It has so many, I would say, interesting, practical labs and for the skills labs, I guess, it will cause our coyness towards some things to be annihilated, for the time being. But then isn’t it cool to know what it’s like to be in Dr. Addison Montgomery’s shoes? *wide grin all over* the awesome doctor, who maintains a great personality but still a little air-headed on life. Freaking cool, isn’t it?! So far the lecturers from obgyn dept has been so damn better than all the lecturers before. And to add to my excitement, my previously skills lab coach and tutorial (pbl) tutor that i like, will be teaching me. soon. Dr Letta, who has lots of rockin high heels and Dr. M. Rusda who has been so understanding during a skills lab session, will be entering the usually 2nd best lectures class, A2. It is always like that, A1 always get the best lecturers. From Pat. Anat to Biochem..huu not that i care much~

Well..they say..Nobody’s perfect~

Coz i've been busy lately, lagi2 with my classes no longer are in the morning..tha A classes da jadi 'kelas petang' while the B classes da jadi pagi. kinda fair las yer they all da petang..but then..lupekan pasal itu..actually i nearly miss, and already missed some of the things that are important. my lil gedik zulfa aliya who had called me all the way from malaysia to ask for a necklace. huu yeah ryte darlink sista. i'm so not buying u that. apart from that my angah's so-called debut kat ntv7. i thought i wana called him dat nyte. tapi terlupa cz of dok busy2 settlekan pasal umah.

neway forgive if ade yg salah eja ke ape, faham2 je laa..nk balik cepat ni..dah kelas ptg, da sgt petang pun ni..angkut yg lalu my new house tu pun tak bape byk..

well dins, i've bought a tshirt, n it reads;

If you love someone, set them free, if they come back, set them on FIRE!!! =p

hee.. :)


knicksgrl0917 said...

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dins said...

woot.set them on FIRE baby!
my heart no longer longs for every incoming message to be from him.that's a terrific improvement,if i may say ya bebeh!
p/s:i have no time (and materials) to update my bloggie.saba yeh :)