Saturday, August 14, 2010

rojak singapura

its the fourth day of Ramadhan and i found myself being lazy.
with nothing to do.

my friends are all busy with their clincal.
i've cleared with the faculty and department on how my pulmonary post test is.
and apparently i cant take the exam next week.
so i have a full week of nothingness coming up.

watching movies, reading novels, playing games on fb (yeah dats my vice)
i shud be taking the opportunity to do more ibadah during these times.

knock on head.

oh, i so wanna cook for my iftar today.
googling recipes now.

i dont know why i miss rojak singapura so much.
not that my family ate dat stuff every Ramadhan, only occasionally.
but then Along boasted that the family had it last night.

ok gamba ni kecik, try clicking it to read
(if u gt nothing to do la)

is it true along?
adik is saying no. hehe.

image taken from here

 this is the best rojak singapura picture i cud get.
wuts ur favorite Ramadhan dish? 


Along said...

she told us about it time berbuka tadi sambil tanye;

"Semalam kita ada rojak singapore ke mi?"

Pastu ayah, abg, along semua cakap serentak; "YAAAAAAAAAA."

Dia wat muka tak bersalah cakap; "mana adik tau. adik makan roti john je."

Ummi makan semangat kot rojak tu, ignoring her calories bagai.

*muka defensive*

mohd faris bin mohd aladin said...

rojak skettttt

in+an Jun$u said...

man,i shud've read this after's very tempting...


well,i dun really have fav dish.just eat whatever i can,except batu,kayu,besi..and seafood.huu~

it's jenn. said...

along : hahahahahaha. no wonder. adik ni. >.<

faris : kalo ade bole bagi. ni tade mende nk bagi.

in+an : hehe. allergic kah to seafud... its okay, at least bole bagi idea 4 u to berbuka puasa.