Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the journey so far...

it's been a long time since i posted any pictures. haha.

last month's babies celebration!
happy bdae shazzy, tipz n afikk!

once upon a time in neurology!
shaf was caught sleeping on the job!
cheeky iha!
blurry yanty!
and me, 'fresh' from on-call the previous night.

we're waiting for iha n fara's neuro exam at VIP ward!
what to do : camwhoring!
hajar is so wacky, ielala so ayu, me trying to be cheeky!
we've passed 
dermatology & venereology,
now finishing nutrition.

they (my group) also passed respiratory & paediatric department
while I was away, healing from the accident.

we have only one department to go for the lower cycle,
internal medicine.
3 months.
starting Monday next week.

pray for us to become good doctors,
better persons,
in terms of :
humble servants for Allah the Almighty,
appreciative and loving children for our parents,
supportive sibling for our sisters and brothers,
understanding for our colleagues and friends,
helping hands for doctors and supervisors,
and just better in every way possible.