Thursday, September 02, 2010

surat rindu kepada jenn.

Hey Zainab Zulkifli
There’s no easy way to say this, but we miss you. We miss the way you smile, we miss the way you smell, we even miss the dumb jokes you used to tell.
We know it has only been 3 months since you last logged in, but to us it feels like a few years.

Chat with you soon!

Yuna and the Malaysia Team.

yeah, ryte.
i miss you guys too. not.

hehe. :D

how does they know how i smile, n smell, n even worse, the dumb jokes i used to tell?
does anybody apart from these people who doesnt know me, miss me?
email me then. haha.


harimau said...

haha youth say always has its own way of writing email. sometimes i got annoyed with their mails saying "sshh this is a secret" duh!

it's jenn. said...

harimau : they wrote it such that we may think that the emails r written personally. :D

Matematis Muda said...

you tell jokes? how come i never know hahahaha

it's jenn. said...

MM : ha.ha.ha.

Anonymous said...

laaa nama jenab rupanya....ingatkan minah saleh mana laaa

it's jenn. said...

dah tu.............?
ade sebut kt mane2 ke minah saleh?

Along said...

tahnye si anon. ade ke kiteorg adik beradik pernah declare jenn ni minah saleh? *defensive kakak mode on*

harimau said...

undang2 negara mana cakap jenn tu nama minah saleh?
(defensive kawan mode on)

it's jenn. said...

aaaaaaaaaah. sayang korang!!
harimau xleh hug sbb nnti kne gigit ngn bakal wifey harimau. :D

Anonymous said...