Saturday, September 25, 2010

tak susah, senyumlah.

MM, 22 years old came with 17 years history of limb weakness.

He came after 17 years of suffering.
His muscles atrophied.
His movements are jerky and involuntary.
But he likes to smile.
He smiled when he saw me, checking his vital and neurologic status day by day.
He smiled when I talked to him.

Today, he PBJ-ed.

That's indonesian for Pasien Berobat Jalan.

Dear friends, I pray for us to be great doctors, and I hope we all learn to brush our problems aside when we are in front of patients, and be professionals.

Smiles to the patients. Because they can do that to us, why cant we?

Senyumlah seindah suria.


aiichan said...

likes this =)

amy emyla said...

Every time you give sweet smile at patient, it is an action of love, a gift to that patient n tell them they r not alone to fight their disease n destiny , smile a beautiful thing.

harimau said...

likes this too