Friday, August 06, 2010

domestic trouble.

as usual, medan = madness.
okay, maybe i exaggerate a bit.

i'm not yet back physically in medan, but my mind decided to.
because of some events, that apparently cant wait.

our house owner is (pause for five minutes) a lady.
somehow she always cant generate enough money for her life, end up asking rent earlier than usual.
but yesterday, she told us she need the house back.
like what?
and gave us three weeks to move out.

since the house is worsening everyday, my housies decided to go along with it,
like who wanna put up with a house owner like that AND a house that seriously need major repairing?

next week is my pulmonology post test, and acik n ummi's paeds post test.
then the other week is fara n iela's paeds post test, and liza n nisah pulmonology post test.
haih, when are we going to find time?

and i know i need help with my stuff. hmm, sorry korang.

i'll be blogging my next post from medan.
maybe from a new house.

AK45*.........! wait for me :)


mohd faris bin mohd aladin said...

heheheh.lepak lu.exam je pun.nasi soto dulu!

aiichan said...

you girls found a new house?
there s a house available next to ours. but it only has 3rooms 1garageroom lah. huhu.

in+an Jun$u said...

wow..what an annoying landlady!tapi nak watcamne,kn?dats her house..

btw,paed tu apa'an?bahasa perubatan sanskrit ke?heheh.. :p

Anonymous said...

uish jen..kesiannya..
erm nanti ema tlg tanyakan sape2 yg tao der umah kosong..nnt kalo der ema inform balek k...

it's jenn. said...

faris : ala tkat nasi soto fk tak mao ah huhu

aimi : seriously, if interested ktorg cl aimi tau :)

in+an : paeds tu paediatrics, bhgn kanak2 hehe..

emma (dah jadi cam name sebenar) : okess tenkiu sygsss!

in+an Jun$u said...

owh..dh agak dh.hehe.. (cover malu.. :p)

gudluck weh cari umah baru..find a better 1,tau? :)