Tuesday, August 03, 2010

i dont know what to name the title of this post

so i felt like i didnt do my blog justice since i have something quite major-life changing experience happening to me and i have 2 full months free to blog about it.


i've read this and this.
thank you for the posts. i'm really touched.
and for my lazy post. its for all those people who has been taking care of me when i'm in this situation, somewhat temporarily disabled. thank you.
for all the doa's, the care and support, the wishes.
but im not driving, so i cant park at the disabled parking lot (wth?)

im off to medan this friday, ending my never-ending holiday. (eh?)
where i'll commence back to my regular activities, pretending to cure people.
but, with an additional accessory.

im going back to medan as an iron-clad medical student.
i dont mind being referred as the iron man, really.
iron man is cool, superb, and egoistic. (uh..)

notice the similarities? lol.

so. here i am. blogging.

i miss blogging actually, but i know i dont have the time later on.
(i'll be busy farming at farmville, or ordering the next batch of clothes for retail theraphy, or even baking the sheperd pie at baking life)

oh n im gonna start labelling my post. huh. major blog-changing experience? (knock on head)


aiichan said...

oh jenny!
i didnt know the whole story.
and didnt know it was that bad :(

hopefully youll be back running on your own two feet soon. insyaAllah.

jennyto said...

aiichan : yeah i hope too. no futsal for me anymore! :'(

intan junsu said...

iron clad?seriously?

jennyto said...

yeah..part of my attire now :D

kayna said...

ajennn..welcome back!!hope to c u soon..huhmm get well soon k..no more scooter for u for d time being hehe

jennyto said...

akenn : dats whyyy no more betty for the time being..!! :D c u ther comelness!