Saturday, August 21, 2010


hai nama saya ielala dan saya adalah comel.

there are so many things happening today.

#1 today is our MOVING day!

Yes, we are moving. I've started packing few days ago, knowing I'm a bit slow due to my conditions.
So with my stuff nearly cleared, I can help Ielala's because...

#2 today is her PAEDS POST TEST!

Her test was scheduled on last Wednesday, but somehow it was re-scheduled to today.
It was kinda sad, because...

#3 today is her BIRTHDAY!

she said, "if the test went well, it will be the best birthday gift ever."
and i said, "if it's not, it's still your birthday gift! nghahaha"
i know, kinda cruel right here.

okay that's about today.
I kinda feel my blog post looked kinda boring without pictures to accompany them.
So I'm gonna start snap-ping here and there!
Till I SNAP you soon! (lame.)


Along said...

slmt berpindah, dont carry much heavy things!

slmt buat test ielala & the rest, seru namaku 3 kali kalo xdapat jawab, KONFOM takkan dapat jawab lg hihi.

and happy birthday ielalas, claim kisses & hugs from jenns okays?

SNAP YOU BACK! (gile kuasa 13 lame ni)

it's jenn. said...

SNAP SNAP! haha.

jangan sebut back a. sensitip. :p

As said...


takde gambar pun takpe jenn..tetap ada yang baca
ada gambar pun takpe
praktis menembak :D

aiichan said...

happy bday ielalalalalalaa~
where do you girls move to?

it's jenn. said...

as : pindah sebab tuan rumah mahu beraya di rumah tu...huhu..mcm2..

aimichan : iela said tenkiu!!
we r now at kompleks TPI, next to aki's!

harimau said...

TPI.. makin indonesia makin asik aja...

it's jenn. said...

hahahhahahahha.baiklah uda.