Monday, November 01, 2010


dentistry department, bye bye to you!
it's been fun.
especially since I have been so relaxed with only one patient.

today is the start of a new department, nutrition!
2 weeks of playing with foods and menu will be fun. (i hope)
especially before internal medicine.

its like the calm before the storm.

ehem, lets see how calm we will be.
*reading nutrition notes for tomorrow!*

all the best everyone!!


harimau said...

what only one patient????

it's jenn. said...

gimul la. only one patient in 2 weeks! ahaha lucky me :)
(n shaf too)

mohd said...

stadi rerajin.gudlak

it's jenn. said...

mohd : thank u. all d best in whatever u do too!

mohd said...