Monday, August 30, 2010

tidak semua begitu.

here's to my 300th post!

wow. i never thought i would blog until now.
there so many times i feel like deleting this blog but i still remember somebody, someone telling me i shudn't.

well. here i am.

yesterday morning i was wake up with the sound of my ringtone.
not the usual alarm.
but my ringtone.
suprised to see unknown number, i picked it up (while brushing away the sound of sleepiness).

"assalamualaikum dokter mudaaaa!" said the voice. a male voice.

i was like, "waalaikumussalam, siape ni?" i thought i was my Malaysian friend.

"dokter muda Zainab..udah sahur???"

"erm, dah. (lying) siape ni?"

"ini M S**** , kelmarin ketemu di adam malik"

owh. then it hit me. this is my 1st COPD patient that i handled during my respiratory cycle.
how did he get my phone number, u may ask.
well at that time, he was consulting me for some donations for his circumcision programme.

then the line went dead, i went downstairs for some sahur.

then came his SMS.

"buk dokter saya mohon jgn terpancing dgn berita2 yg ada di media masya mengenai antara negara kita."

I replied, saying thanks for his concern and with Allah's blessing, we'll be alright in Medan.

"sekali lagi sy mohon dgn ibu dan kwn2 jgn risau dgn kejadian selama ini. Sy jg sedih dgn apa2 yg terjadi antara negara kita. buk dokter marilah kt sama2 berdoa pd Allah semoga semua masalah cpt selesai"

masih ada yang sayang.

it's Ramadhan, the time for us to forgive and be blessed.
Let us all pray for some peace and harmony between the two nations.

Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan buat rakyat Malaysia.


kayna said...

waaaa suweet nya patient jenn!!
really hope this things got better..sigh

in+an Jun$u said...

that's least ada gak yg masih berfikiran rasional di sna.huhu..

maaf,a bit sarkastik.geram bl baca paper 2,3hr lps.

it's jenn. said...

akenn : suweet lagi akenn ngn patient...jgn pengsan lagi ya bukk..
taching gitu...

in+an : i do hope the bad ones are really the minorities. they talk trash, really doesnt based on fact. most of the ppl around us ( doctors, nurses, patients ) are quite nice. maybe yg unrational are those who are uneducated. which is a quite a lot.

harimau said...

I'm touch with such a humanely and rationale thinking. world would be a so much better place to live in if all of us have such attitude. God bless him.

Along said...

this is sooo sweet. gonna share this one sistah!

kayna said...

hahah suwit laa sgt jenn..sedih tgk ibu tu asek2 pengsan je..nak pasang pacemaker tak mampu...huuu

it's jenn. said...

harimau aummm : may Allah SWT bless him, and cure his COPD, insyaAllah.

Along : thats sweet of u <3 <3

akenn : sian tgk diorg cant afford to pay for their health. more reason for us to be thankful for what we have, kan??