Monday, December 27, 2010

tiger cubs i heart u!

okay, who doesnt watch malaysia versus indonesia for the AFF suzuki cup is...

haha, cause the young tigers are just so damn awesome to knock down the bird with an awesome three to zero!!!
we are soooo happy that we scream so loudly macam nak kene sumpit dengan neighbours.
(lupe ke berade kat tanah siape skang..)

to be honest, that laser thing is kinda stupid. but nevertheless, lets hope both supporters behave well and show good showmanship.

i've just read cookie's post, and i cant agree more to what she said
" So, mari kita pakat-pakat berdoa, may Allah grant us with victory on this coming 29th, Amin & InsyaAllah. Gomo Malaysia gomo! 

can't wait for the next match!! ROAR!

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soleil_m said...

LOL! i just love what ultraman does/did to markus. brilliant!

tp act indonesian supporters pn png guna laser to our gol keeper, xk kecoh je

p/s: klu org google nama gol keeper tu, benda tu xkan direct link tu comment kt sini kan? risau pulak :P