Sunday, December 26, 2010

agnes bukan monica.

have you guys watched the movie despicable me?
i know the movie is not recent, but it is not that ancient either.

i recently bought the dvd to watch it with my adik2 during the short ponteng holidays.
i never knew that the grown ups had fun watching it too!!!

hehe now im enjoying it with friends back in medan.

ITS SO FLUFFFY!!!!-agnes.

ps - if you havent watch this movie yet, i'll recommend it!


Along said...

it's so fluffy i can dieeeeeee!


*minion language* mwahx? mwahx?

are my favorites! EHPIC favorites! thanks for bringing back d dvd!

it's jenn. said...

glad it makes the family laugh!
hehe :D

mwahx mwahx!

harimau said...

really nice ah?

it's jenn. said...

realllly! haha