Monday, June 05, 2006

[a new month]

i kinda have a lil' countdown in my head..counting for d daes to d examination. today is already the 5th of June. and it's only 12 days away...the 17th of june. d dreaded selection test.

somehow i still feel empty-headed. this is because i dont know whut to read. or memorize.
haf of d physics stuff i didnt learn...hurm..i really do hope i got past dis test..or'll just a waste of lotsa money. n my hope will crumble like d landslide recently.

i dunt noe why..but @ home, i cant really focus on studies. probably bcoz ther's a lot of things dat tempt me not to study. or probably ther isn't sum1 4 comparison or competition...

ugh..dis taxonomy thingy is really tough to memorize.

but...have to move along wif it! hehee..

aja aja fighting!!!! =)

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