Tuesday, June 06, 2006

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day by day i survived in dis world..by Allah SWT's will. with His blessings, i've been able to breath the air in the morning...wif dat,i do my subuh prayers for thanking Him in all the ni'mah that He generously had given me.

more than anything..the ni'mah of friendship. d ability to lean on someone. d trust u can gave to someone. or even to receive their trust. most of all, d ability to convey the da'wah to one another..insyaAllah.

i often admired my friends who are really true,courageous n patient.
n i love my friends dat has stood by me, righting my wrongs, enjoying my company, cheering me up, making me crazy....it's just sometimes i feel like i dont appreciate them much. i tend to take them for granted.

well, i need to change. i need to appreciate them more. i think so.
1st of all..i'm sorry 4 any lil things dat annoyed all my friends . really i am. or any big things. i've done stupid things over d years...n i'm not proud of it. ashamed is more like it. regrets all over.

2nd of all..my spact8 luvs...(pika dinie shera abboy sue achik wani) u guys are d greatest. i just love u guys from d bottom of my heart. thru thick n thin may we be friends...insyaAllah. remember d lovely pact? thanx 4 knocking some senses thru dis thick skull of mine.

3rd, for some1 who has been my best fwen i ever had. n 4 some silly mistake we r now just friends..i really glad dat we r fwens again.u r soOoo kewl keQ! not to forget presss family! without u guys my matric life would be rated as 2 stars only!

n for certain peeps out ther,which i had tried to reach u guys, to rekindle back d friendship we had, but u guys just pushed me out of d way....thanx. i accept who u are.

ikhwah fillah~ =)

those i miss soOo much....hit me back okay.

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