Friday, June 23, 2006


can u imagine ur life without astro?

cuz i can. i'm living it ryt now. haha.
dats ryt. my ayah juz terminate d astro account.
so, NO akademi fantasia, NO diddy, NO world cup matches, NO o.c, NO grey's anatomy, NO movies, NO punk'd, NO pimp my ride, NO ricky ullman, NO kim possible, NO....

haha. life not so boring without astro u noe. coz today, i braced myself to JOG at d lake garden!! inspiration from along's fwen.

oh yeah a shout out to emjay. whee..shifted from friendster's blog tu bloggEr..hehee..under whose influences?? what? i cant hear..heh.

well..nothing exciting happens in d few days 'cept dat my appetite suddenly meragam nk dis n dat..but i didn't shout it out..diam je laa...
hee...anyone want to ajak dis jenny girl to a macaroni n cheese lunch?

for the USU-thingy, i'm still waiting 4 d result. yeah, d waiting game. pray for my success,peeps...

anyway..(lupe lak x abes cite) ayah terminate d accout temporary je..
sebab nk bukak a new one..d old one decoder die cam mengong sket..
so according to umie, "sempatnyer nk tgk zila nyanyi these boots are made for walking dis saturday nyte"...hehee...

till next time...4 u i will... =)


kakak yang cemas xde astro said...


u got me there budak!!

benti nafas jap guwe tadi knowing xde astro!!
jahat woh!!
mean trick!!

jennz said...

benti nafas ke?