Wednesday, June 28, 2006

[runaway me]

so what's new about the boring me?

i've recently went to c R.V (runaway vacation) alone. i'm desperately to do something enjoyable for this three months. owh i really mish my fellow spactees. "anything we do together are enjoyable!".
i wish i had d courage to do pink streaks in my hair. really i do. dat would be cool. but d consequences?? much to think about. so, i thought, let's do something mellower, like watching a movie alone. sadly, there's not so many gud stories now. i had to settle down with RV. dat's cool, i got to c Jojo (d cute young singer), who sangs baby it's u,not that kind of girl..blah blah....

well to spice things up, when i was about to purchase d ticket, shoot! ameen was there with his 2 fwens. 2 idiotic fwens i cud say. not idiotic, but loud. okay. enuff said. so i wasn't in d mood to talk with anyone. i just want to enjoy being on my own, as dinie would say. anyway he did ask me what movie i was goin to watch. then, i pointed to the RV ad. then he asked me where i sit, i sowed my ticket. u see, i wasn't in d mood to talk with any1. any1 at all.

then the now seating lamps flashes. and i said what d heck, i'm going to get thru dis fine. so i have chosen d very middle seating. suddenly dis old guy came up. politely i smiled. suddenly he sat beside me. shoot! then he started to ask all dis sort of questions... what's my name. where i live and stuff. ugh... gnirob old git. then ameen n his fwens entered d room and sit ryt above me. stoopidity. i probably imagining dis, but i heard them laughing seeing me sitting next to an oldie.

i am not comfortable with that old git question. so when d cinema lights darkened, i change place. at least there's some space between me and dat crazy old man. call me freakish, but i must makesure i am safe from any form of harrasment.. so d movie was not so bad. of course it wasn't. it was a family-kinda-movie. but what annoys me is dat ameen n his fwens laugh uncontrollably...guys being guys. dont hate em. they are wat they are.

well at least i saw d conclusion of d movie.i didn't catch d credits coz i got to zoom off back to reality and jemput my zaki.

back home, yeay!! we finally can watch astro again! thanx ayah n umie!

~jojo in RV

ps~ so dinie, enjoy "take d lead" movie kay? i wish i can watch wit u. enjoy being on ur own!! (^o^)

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