Tuesday, June 20, 2006

[father's day n a poem]

whee...i noe fathers' is on 18th of July..but sumhow i'm just not in d mood to meng'update'kan.. (i noe dis will happen) ....

neway...dis is my ayah n me (and angah's candy) ...happy belated father's day...mwah mwah...*sayer dah wish ye aritu*... hav a gr8 dae wif d whole fam aritu..i love my ayah...

5 TOP traits i just adOoore about my ayah.
1. patience
2. sporting
3. peramah
4. loving
5. cooL!!

below dis..is a poem from abboy...taken from our website! http://spact8.tripod.com/ (a beginner's web..dont expect too much)

d words are so beautifully written..and i MISH u guys sOooOoo much!!

Dear friend of mine,
Months have long past since we last chatted,
About you, about me, about the things we wanted,
I miss the times we spent together,
Especially the silly jokes that brought us laughter,
And I wish we could go back to that time once more,
So that you and me could be together like before.

Dear friend of mine,
I tried counting the days till we meet again,
But I can never tell more, it’s all in God’s hand,
And we just have to accept the fact that time moved on,
Even though deep inside everything feels wrong,
And along with time we to have to change,
But without you around,
things just seemed strange.

Dear friend of mine,
We’re saying goodbye now to build our lives,
In order to hold on to happiness, we have to strive,
So good luck my friend I bid to you,
May success be for everything that you do,
Our friendship,
I promise,
is something that will last,
Like the wind it will be till the day we rest.

daa!!! isn't it sweet??? SaNGat!!!! hehee...mwah mwah..till then... (pemalas tul)


kakak chomel said...

malashhnye die neh..
adek sape neh?

jennz said...

adek kamu la..

sape kakak chomel..
adeknya pasti chomel bangat sih..