Saturday, June 17, 2006

[whee!!! now..d waiting comes]

right now, sitting in front of my 1.9 kg thingy, jenn is sOOooOOoo relieved. well,half-relieved.

i did my USU selection test today!!!!
yesterday afternoon,my family n i check into the Vistana Hotel at 1900 hours.
dinner dat nyte was at a melayu-johore restaurant. it was sOoo nice. d food tasted great. d ambience is nice. d shop is clean. d boss is friendly and helpful. it was a pleasing dinner experience. d mee bandung i ordered is exactly how i want it to be. muah!! kudos for d owner!!!

anyway..d next morning..(i cant sleep well as d thought of failing d test haunts me)..i wake up at 0530hours and take a loOoong bath..hehee..

by 0700hours,i was already downstairs, waiting for achik(my sweetie pie). i made a new fwen,diana(thx to my umie.luv u!)..we chat a lot..about football,medic students,places,friends,language barrier....hehee..while other students are busy doing last minute revision.

i miss achik so we talked a lot!! hehee....she was oh-so-cute in her blue baju kurung n matching tudung and bag.

anyway..(i just realize dat i havent talked about the exam)..d exam wuz okay...the IPA(ilmu pengetahuan alam)terpadu was tough. most of terms i dont know,and i end up...BANTAi je laH! well, i noe it was a minus marking paper.but if u dont answer it,how will u get marks ryt? so d paper started late. at 0900 hours(on the schedule it stated 0830h) and finished at 1315h.

my parents dah balik after i've met achik, coz they all got stuff do to..taekwondo..meetings and such. so, i end up balik alone......

no lah.balik ngan along.hehee..

so jenn has take d one step further to d dream...(and one step in updating her blog)..till then!

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