Thursday, June 29, 2006


so yesterday i was sick. ill. kuang sehat. sakit.

today is just d same. my head is throbbing n stuff but i just chose to ignore it as i had millions to do todae. millions is lebih2 plak. heh. some stuff need to be done.

neway, todae i'm still waiting. walaupun my head sakit macam ape je. suddenly d phone rings..

in my head was, PEDOMAN KEMAS! (my USU agent)

jennyto : hello?
other person : alang?
jennyto : owh ayah! was my ayah rupenye. he told me dat one of zulfa's teacher, cikgu As, has passed away dis morning and the pre-school will be closed for d dae. so i have to pick her up. can all d Muslim readers please sedekah Al-Fatihah to arwah Puan Hasnah. Ameen~.

so zulfa is wif me d whole dae..following me to the post office, sending d letters to PTPTN, and then drop by seremban parade for brunch. and then zoom off to JPJ, ( i am already a legal driver on the road!! ) , then back to paroi to pick up zaki from school.

so here i am, with a running nose, blogging and 'ym'ing with dearie dinie and kawan sehati sejiwa ku, keQ. (demam tul kite ari ni).

so dat was it. nothing extraordinary or whatsoever. tonight, my umie will come back from langkawi, we are going to pick her up at KLIA..and there will be lots and lots of chocolate!!!

chocolate!! i love chocolates. they are my cure for my depression. kinda la..
white choc! white choc wif cookies! strawberry-flavored, mint inside...all sorts of chocolates!!!

till then~ lotsa love from jennyto!

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