Friday, June 09, 2006

[debaran prelude exam] hav been a tiring day 4 me. and d past few too.
this morning i wake up kinda late. and realise dat i only hav 2 hours to siap to go out wif diela. so..kmas umah n stuff..(cos my uncle will be coming over n d house is getting dustier anyway)..then take a bath...(dah pukul 10 dah time tu)..suddenly got a mssg from diel "x jadi kua laa.."

whoa!!!then she called...straight away i said, "aku dah siap ni"(siap pakai baju jek)..and then she said.."owh okay. jom" hehehe =D
nk cepat nye pasal, i didn't hav breakfast.

one thing about driving in seremban dat it hav so many one-way if u missed one junction..haha..n d parking space are just not enuf.

anyway 1st we went to d post office to post some birthday cards for my fwens..n to reply to the agency dat i will not b staying wif em for d exam.then, diela n i went to terminal 1(for her bus ticket) gile x gi tempat berabuk tu. we decided to check d shopping complex after purchasing the ticket. omg! sale! heh.

nice shirts n handbags...all on sale. a jeans for RM23? whee! a nice BUM long sleeved shirt for RM21...and i saw a nice funky handbag!!!(sadly it's not on sale).
well..i didn't buy anything. i just buy 2 shirts from body glove las week..n got a handbag las 2 weeks.(but i hav to hav dat funky handbag!)i got my stomach a papa roti. hehee..

so around 12,we head back to our ever lovely n berhabuk Myvi wif another mission. to buy nasi beryani gam at a restaurant. pusing punye pusing...nk cr parking space...suddenly i got a headache. owch! we then settled for a RM3 parking space(cekik darah tul)..after that i sent diela home n went home myself.

mak ngah n her daughters already settled down wif d boys n men went for the friday prayers..balik umie ask me to go out some groceries...waa..headache all over!!

balik umah..layan my pak ngah n family(wif d horrible headache)..n my mak ngah kept saying dat i'm too thin. really? wait till u c along, mak ngah. heh.then umie break d news dat maybe paklong(my other uncle) will drop by.huh.dat will b fun..if i dont hav dis headache.

KRING2(old fashioned phone ring) granma called n told dat pak long will go straight home.huh! relief.pak ngah headed to qtan at 1500 hours.

SLEEP!!!!!!!i'm sooooo tired dat i cudn't move.even when zulfa ask for her milk, i said "emm..jap ek..pnatlah"(with no intention of doing dat in 2 hours)...but i hav to do it anyway since she started screaming in my ears "nak susu nak susu nak susu nak susu nak susu" nonstop.then i hav an out-of-this-world sleep.

waking up, i tot dat my headache will leave. it's still ther!!! waa!!! so i took 1 paracetamol n..i feel better already! (or not i will not be writing dis ryt?)

so today is wasted just like dat without doing any revision..wif d exam coming up...
okay...guess dats it for today...

opps! i wana share a gewd news!!! d sweet spactee sue has been offered dietetics n will be driving her own wira to IIUM Kuantan!!! whee!! congrats sue!!! i hope i will c u(n d rest of spactees) b4 i go to indonesia.

signing off...till my fingers meet d keyboards...


mE said...

sape kurus? sape? sape?

jennz said...

kamu laa...kamu yg paling kurus...