Tuesday, May 30, 2006

[step by step]

well,ever wonder how u gt to d place wher u now? i mean,did u plan to be wher u r ryt now? can it be a mistake that that places u ther?

we just have to realize that we hav made a lot of mistakes to get to the top. no one hav ever succeed being right all d way... for me, d mistakes i made i take it as sumthing dat build me up.

"puaslah kita menangis mengapa Allah SWT turunkan hujan dan ribut..rupa-rupanya Allah SWT nak berikan kita pelangi"

i never consider taking biomedical science as a reject for medicine. during d years, i learned a lot, about everything else..i even got to dissect a mouse one sem earlier than those med students..haha...

my 2nd dissection mouse.
i called her micheal j fox.
can u see how neatly i put the small intestine? heheee...

meeting new friends,involving in a great society,learning more about Islam in IIUM than everywher else...hang out every weekend wif spact8..are just d things dat r possible to do if i am a med student from start. Allah SWT has created in such a way, we should never give up our hope, and believe in everything that He has scheduled for us. [a bit tazkirah eyt]

step by step,we should go towards our aim..even tho sumtime it seems dat our goals are unreachable...never ever give up!

dis is...
pre-sciences students society

[how i mish d works n d ppl~like my 2nd family!!]

anyway...i better start learning my poor physics again..or i never be a med student. lol...

ah...forget one thing! afundi diddy *winks*

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shamilamz said...

"2 is a company, 3 is a crowd, 2 can have differences, while 1 can be fabulous"

but sometimes it doesnt feel THAT fabulous~ hahaa.