Monday, June 26, 2006

[herlow] tired..

i've just finished editing my friendster layout page. so psyched to be different! took me about haf of my day. quater je if not for d interruptions. well if u guys want to check it out..
click here. when visiting, please leave a comment kay?

anyway astro still x dpt lagi..coz we all just found out dat it took 3 working days to register a new account. so NO all dat stuff lagi laa..
so did i manage to see af4 d concert last week? yup. how?
my mom had dis idea dat org melayu says "sambil menyelam minum air".
we went to visit our mak ngah at rasah. and tadaa!!! they are watching af4 d concert!!!!! somehow i didn't manage to see diddy. and what more zila.
but i dont care. repeatoire byk bangett.

yesterday my family n i pegi jusco seremban as usual..and i have been looking for cecilia ahern's new book ages ago (kan diel?)..when actually d book is long there! i've been looking at d wrong place! huh. no wonder.

n yesterday also shera called me (murtabak megi? hehe) n i suddenly realized dat my hols are nearly over. ugh! what! NEARLY OVER? rase sedih plak all of d sudden. but excited at d same time. only Allah SWT knows why.

and lastly, d USU thingy...
yeah.still waiting.

till nex time! amazing!

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