Monday, March 07, 2011

those old times

I NEVER upload scanned photos of old pictures.
You know, the one where we had to buy a 32/64 ? roll of film and insert it into a camera (yes, do you know where we can find those type of camera nowadays?) and snap! snap! ; after that we have to go to a photo shop (its seriously a shop, not some app) and wait for about 30 minutes to see all the pics.

You guys remember righttttttttttttt?? Haha.

So recently, two of my old friends (damn, we're getting old together right?) from different phase of my life, upload some pictures to the all fame FB.

You know what old pictures do right?

Bring back all those memories.
Bad ones. Happy ones. Wacky ones. Sad ones.
Anyho, those two pictures are happy ones.
Can anyone see how drama free my life is? *cough*

from farhana romeli's FB
that's the girls fom my batch at MRSM Muadzam Shah.
Last day of SPM.
from Nor Sharizan's FB.
My 1st roomies in MCIIUM.
Aisyah college, 1st year.
Looking back at these old photos made me realise how far had i've been through, how long had i had live on the world, and how many sacrifices from our loved ones (UmiAyah especially) that I'm where I am now.

I should be less complaining and comparing.
*Biarlah walaupun handphoneku masih a pure phone T_T*

I should be thankful and work hard to make all those times are worth it.
You should be doing it too.


Along said...

Perlu ke tutup muka #facepalm

kayna said...

org nk tgk muka dia!

it's jenn. said...

along: hehe malu muke kecik innocent skang beda bgt!! hehe

kayna : alaa everyday oso can c meh..come to kantin igd 2moro hehe :D

zette said...

eh..aku sebelah ko le...tak ingat gamba bile tuh~~ hheheh...*now i remember*

it's jenn. said...

zette : tulaa x ingt bler..fana ckp lpas spm hehe :D