Sunday, March 06, 2011

Orthopedic, on call Sunday

I told you I'll be back. haha. Let's not make hiatus a regular thing right?
So now I'm finishing my first week of my one month stint in orthopedic dept.

I've told you before that I'm loving it, and now I'm still in the same state, even when today, it was my group turn to 'on call' for 24 hours + monday's W.H (wajib hadir). It was super-tiring as we had to do all things by ourselves, which means prescribing all the patient, GV-ing all the patient and follow rounds with the doctor. By night time we have to stand by  if any patient is admitted to the orthopedic dept at the A&E.

It was a chance to getting to know more about the patient illness, and learning stuff relating to their conditions.

the rest of the group taking a break
someone feels too much at home, guess which one.

tired face.

us! in the co-asst on call room.

Okay, looking forward for the second week and for the next entry!!


aiichan said...

ortho is so homie XD

it's jenn. said...

homie is up to u guys hehe nnti bring ur own carpet taw!