Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Martian with red headband >.<
Sometimes I feel like I'm from outerspace,
When I talk,
Nobody understands.
When I cry,
Nobody knows why.
When I feel crappy,
Nobody stood by me.

Sometimes I wish I could find,
A place truly where I belong.
A place where someone, or somebody,
Have the same piece of mind,
Or maybe just understand what I'm saying.
Someone just to say, yes you are right,
when I'm about to explode.

But maybe I'm wishing wrong,
maybe what I have now is the best for me,
maybe after all,
what we wish for is not what we need now.

Pray hard, bear in mind,
Everything will be okay in the end,
Till then stay strong,
Stand for yourself,
we'll find what we are searching for.


Dinie said...


it's jenn. said...

d : *hugs back* <3

amy emyla said...

cakap bhs alien ngan jennyto..heheh
everything will be okay dear !!~~
nak hugs jugak~

it's jenn. said...

thx dear!! meh sini pelokpelok!

harimau said...

nak *hugs* jugak. haha.

stay strong!!!!!!!!