Saturday, March 05, 2011

orthopedic, week 1.

salam and hi readers, even if there are few of you guys. heheh. its been a while since my last update and of course many things happened.

recently, just this week, i had my first from-doctor-point-of-view experience in the OR! (or OT, or here, OK : pronounced oo-ka ). Whatever the name is, I am really excited and nervous at the same time. FYI, I skipped paeds in the lower cycle and joined my group for upper cycle and now I'm happy in the Orthopedic Surgery Department! 

Can I membebel a bit? I thought Orthopedic would be lame, as it was only stuff related to bones. But somehow my experience contradict me. I was enjoying this department more than I thought I would be!
 <3 <3 <3 <3 (too much doing love icon at FB resulting that)

The doctors who are studying to be Ortho specialist AND are in charge of us are cool enough. They dont treat us like stupid students, but more like future colleagues. Me likey!

the pseudo-shoe lace.
ignore the blood splatter too. hehe.
i'm tempted to put a picture of me in the OT clothes or here we call doek. You may noticed the difference of language between Malaysia and Indonesia even in medical stuff, and the simple reason for that is they are colonized by the Dutch. So the language that are absorbed into Indonesian Language was a bit influenced by the Dutch. Haha a bit history for you there! :D
Anyway, no picture of me here (or anywhere) wearing that clothes, because I looked too skinny. Not a good image for future doctor right? hehe.

Okay till then, I'll be back, faster than a G6!!

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