Saturday, March 12, 2011

friday events.

what a day! during the saidatul ayyam, there were 2 big events.

1)a friendly match.
I mean a REAL friendly match between our futsal team versus students of Sultan Iskandar Muda of Medan Sunggal.

The scene was like at the last AFF Suzuki Final Match.
Like, seriously.

We were outnumbered by fans and yells.
We are Malaysians, they are Indonesians.

They sang Garuda DiDadaku like at the match.
They yells "IN-DO-NESIA" just like at the match.

Their coach wore Indonesia's Polo T-shirt.
Afiq wore Malaysia's blue jersey.

And We won.
grabbed from Ezzaq FB
who's our only supporter there.

2) Fara's birthday celebration
Today is fara's birthday but we have to be oncall at RSUP HAM until tomorrow.
So we decided to celebrate it yesterday, along with celebration for winning the friendly match.

those who attend
i hope u had fun birthday girl!
we celebrate it at mr.pancake, sun plaza. it was nice seeing all the friends at one place, gathering and exchanging news & gossip. the food was nice, the company was great, it was a relaxing night out.

I'll upload the rest of the pic to FB if I got time later.

Okay, patients waiting for me at the A&E, so till then!


Matematis Muda said...

congrats jenny~ wuuuhuuu cewah tetiba jadi wakil malaysia kan haha

it's jenn. said...

itulah, tak semena. haha thx btw :D