Sunday, March 20, 2011

i'll miss you orthopaedic.

GeT ReAdY fOr the GRueLLing
tHe hOrRifyinG
thE eXtReme

sTraigHT frOm thE orTHopAEdiC SurGerY dEpaRtMent


talus dislocation

future surgeons
(that's dr iela and dr syafik)

neurosurgeron + orthosurgeon taking a nap
midnight on call.
i've finished duty on orthopaedic surgery. i'll surely miss them. this week will be our examination week. hopefully we'll ace it after 3 weeks of operations, rounds, oncalls, bed-side teachings.


Dinie said...

This post made me realize that you guys are like the doctors on Grey's Anatomy! Dealing with broken, protruding bones, and gooey bloody wounds! Awesome!

(people reading this who don't know me might think I am a sick, sick girl, lol)

"It's a beautiful day to save lives. Let's have some fun,"

it's jenn. said...

McDreamy's quote eyh. hehe :D

i'm feeling awesome too! :D

and u? always AWESOME!!! rindu bgt!

Along said...

Last picture tu memang a scene from Grey's Anatomy parody. LIKE!

Bertabahlah adik-adikku, kalian awesome dengan cara kalian tersendiri ^^

it's jenn. said...

haha. tido bersepah2.
kt cafe pon bole.

tq along. i'm awesome because u r!