Wednesday, March 30, 2011

this one goes out to DinieNajwa.

I may not be the perfect friend.
I may not be the comforting person you turn into.
I may not be the one to cheer up a person's day.
I may not be able to write sweet words to someone.
I may not be able to pick out the perfect gift for someone.
I may try, but often I did not succeed.

But for me, you guys, *you know who you are* are the opposites of these.

I often feel you guys were heaven-sent.

Especially today, this one goes to Dinie Najwa.
I know the rest of us will agree on this.

Simply read the words below & bear in mind this is what we ALWAYS think of u.

You are gorgeous.
dinie the next top model hehehe

You have a super sweet smile.
Pose vogue 

You are a high jumper!
efek pasir, amazing!

You are hug-able!
mau join group hug!!!

You are a friend indeed, whether in need or not.
terharu session :')

You have an amazing figure (heheheh!)
yes, you heard it right :)

Don't let others tell you differently.
So, for you, Dinie Najwa, Happy Birthday!
Love u lotssssss miss vogue!

ps//all the pics credit from her vast collection of photos in FB. awak, jgn marah yer hehehe :D 
slurpp.. ^^,

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Cito Mummy :D said...

Jennito!!!!!!!! You did an awesome job!!!! :D Happy Birthday, Dinie Najwa!!! :D [kononnye ni 30th March laaa :P ]