Thursday, July 06, 2006

[pj city dat i mish]

whee!! right now i had soooOoooOooo many things dat i wana blog about! i felt like it been ages seen i post something about d happenings in my life.

let's start about my journey today...i wake up as usual, 5.15~5.30 in d morning, then take a bath + prepare d 2 rascals 4 schools + iron ummi's clothes(she decides in d morning) + fry chicken drumsticks 4 d 2 rasclas' breakfast. i prayed, then prepare myself for d journey!

wearing a grey butterfly printed shirt, overlayed with d black crop cardigan, and black jeans wif my comfy butterfly/dragonfly shuz, i set off from d Seremban komuter station at 0745 hours.
armed with my novel, every boy got one(meg cabot~thx along), i braced thru d nearly 2 hours journey. my breakfast? kinder chocolate.

nearly reaching KL Sentral. I saw Midvalley Megamall. owh. dis brings back memories. ppl said dat i noe midvalley like d back of my hand. i guess so. everything i want to find, i'm sure i will able to find it there. i dunt noe why. had a soft spot for midvally. midvalley is d place i hav fun, enjoy times wif spactees, catching a movie wif a dear fwen.[i happen to like dat movie a lot!! till now i am crazy bout dat story! ble mau catch another movie? b4 i'm gone?] from foods to bags to clothes...everything under my sun is there. heh. got a bit emotional over a shopping mall aite? hehee...

moving on,i passed d bangsar putra station...and i saw d number 12 bus!!! dis is sOoOo gona bring back memories...dis is d station dat...(adehlaa..dis one cannot story laa kat sini) bus no 12 tu..huhu is every MCIIUM student memories.... wish i had an embedded camera in my specs dat operate automatically.

reached KL sentral, uruskan something about d going-off thingy...then jennyto decided to lepaskan rindu kat her Midvalley. muah2. lovely time. huhu. even tho ade org tu x reply my mssg.(dat tym of d year wen d charger is soOo far away.ahaxs. been there,done dat)

anyway balik from Midvalley, sampai Sban about 2pm. then umie ajak makan at Kebab@ Parade. soo jalan plak around Parade.

then zoom off back home,pray Zuhur, went out again to jemput Zaki. an hour later, zoom off jemput Zulfa. my legs are pretty much killing me. tonite i'm gona have a knockout sleep.

and guess what? dis Monday i had to go back there.....aargh tired!!!!! i'm still wondering wen i want to go to meet my fwens... i've been missing u guys so much.

so emjay,here i am. dis is y lamer x ngapdate. been busy!! heh. owh! dont forget to check out dis fs profile of my fwen..
shasha' (it stands for shafiq sharani) . hehe..

signing off...aduh sayang! haha.


mys-ti-fy-ing m-e said...

aduh sayang?

pengaruh diddy yang sangat berkesan.

nape kua blogger nye page bile klik shasha ituh??

dinie said...

cantik menarik tertarik kau memang da bomb zainab!saye pun rindu saye lg rindu kamu!!

jennz said...

dinie ~ saye rindu kamu juge!!! ble nk ketemu nie...sgt mnanti saat2 nya!

mE ~ hurm...adehlaa...x betul link laa..nnti saye betulkan...bile mau memperbaharui fs? stlah saye blaja "autotesti"? which is unlikely anywher near d future.

ija lalalalala said...

jen...mis pj n it's stinky h2o 2..heard u'r goin' 2 indon...all da bes babe...mis u n ur pinky little stuffs...stay cute dude..

jennz said...


me mish u 2..
eh nie ija "sawadikapp" kan??